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  1. alright I need some help at the start I had 5 plants now I have two I don't know why they keep dying I and using miracle grow for fertlizer and miracle grow potting soil I know I am not over watering them and not over fertlizing them they are only little 6 inchers , but one thing I notice was when I pulled them out the part of the roots where shriveld and I can't get them to grow straight the keep leaning over this is my first time I have ever tried to grow so it would be a big help if some one could tell me why they are doing that.
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    By what you said, you fed them already..You shouldn't have to feed for 5 or 6 weeks..at that point you use a 10-60-10 for flower stage..your Miricle grow should have low numbers like 3-4-6 or 4-5-6 something like that..you food should be at 20-20-20 if needed..you should't need it though..I do believe that you way over fed them..roots won't strive to go to the bottom when there is nutes at the top. an when it's to much it will kill them..try useing just the soil an the nutes it has in it already..don't feed for a while..see if that get's you better results..also tell us a little bit about your lighting system?? hope this helps ya out..stay cool & grow big budz..:D:D:D

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  3. Miracle gro potting soil already comes with ferts in it. You don't need to add any ferts to it as well. I agree with panhead that Miracle-gro is too strong for seedlings. If the seedlings aren't standing up straight, that's a sign that they aren't getting enough light and/or overwatering and a fungus has attacked the roots or stems. Remember its not called weed for nothing, it'll grow easily enough without much human help.

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