I need some SERIOUS advice.

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  1. Warning: Long post. Better pack a big one while reading this. Hey there everybody. Long time lurker, first time (http://cloudimages.grasscity.com/smilies/stonedsmilie.gifI think...) poster. I promise I'll tantalize you with some of my personal eye candy momentarily, but first I need to tap into the community collective brain and get some insight and opinions. So, I ordered from attitude seeds. I know. I can imagine veteran forum members rolling their eyes right about now.. "Another one of these?! Dude, chill out, you'll get your order in due time they never fail so long as your choose the guaranteed shipping. And search the forum before posting. We get a million of these." they would say. In many cases I'd join along with you and say the same thing, but I've done the diligence and I can't find a situation that is akin to mine, so please indulge me. My order was large enough that they split it into two parcels. It was approximately $700. One of the packages, the one containing all of the UFO souvenirs specifically, arrived fine. The other package, the one with the brunt of my souvenirs however did not arrive. As disheartened as I was, I called and politely asked they reship to which they of course obliged. The second shipment also did not reach me. So, I called them again fully confident that they would of course be totally cool to honor their guarantee. The person who answered the phone was extremely rude this time and told me in a very snotty tone of voice that they would reship it just one more time, as though it was something I shouldn't be expecting. She offered to have it delivered to an alternate address; I couldn't find one before days end (Friday, time difference.), and I called back this morning after securing a couple locations and now they're only offering to ship it signature required to ME and only ME and if it doesn't come this time I'm EFFED.. however, the person on the phone today seemed a little bit more pleasant ,or if it's the same one maybe she's having a better day ;), but I'm a little less upset because of that. However, that clearly isn't my dilemma right now. In all my many years of internet lurking I've never heard once of Attitude forcing signature upon delivery. That's kind of scary, and I'm fairly certain some of you could sympathize with that. What should I do here? Should I risk it? I've read stories on the forum (while searching of course) by people who have ALSO read stories of the DEA fisting you with metal gauntlets as soon as your pen hits the package. I've also seen some people who say "you can't know what's in the package until you open and sign for it". I'm also a little cranky that they're forcing this option. I'm ALSO a little cranky that they implied a guarantee that while certainly offering everybody in the effing world what is, in fact, a guarantee is NOT guaranteed. I was informed (politely, however) that the website simply says "if you do not receive your package, we reship"... mind you, it doesn't only say they reship just ONCE. Even in Tommy Boy, that piece of deuce in a box was still a guaranteed piece of deuce that a company would stand behind.. this was just kind of misleading. Had this been a small order, I couldn't have cared less... but that $700 means a hell of a lot more to me, some guy, than it does them, a huge business. Anyways, advice and input and all of that would be appreciated. And please, don't be an angry bear with me. I'm already sad. :(
  2. Wow. Guess the format isn't too big a fan of my formatting? lol
  3. Bueller? Bueller?
  4. Honestly, they shipped once more and you didn't receive. Do you have confiscation letters? If not, Attitude did more than they should imho. Without confiscation letters, I would think you are trying to rip me off.
  5. They have tracking information, as well as I do, that shows it simply is held in customs. My first order was placed on November 4th and the reshipment on December 6th. Far far beyond the 21 days they allow. Clearly it is held in customs, it's evident to both them and myself.
  6. I mean if they want signed guarantee for themselves that's all well and good, but why would they not allow me to send the order that's already paid for to another shipping address/signer? I can't imagine that who signs for it is of any real relevance. There literally is no evidence of anybody trying to rip anybody off, save for fulfillment of an implied guarantee. I would rather just get my souvenirs and be done with the whole thing.

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