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i need some reasons for my friend

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by manbearpigx, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. MY friend is kinda dumb, lets jsut start off with that.

    he has been smoking weed for less than a year and he all of a sudden thinks its super amazing and he "NEEDS" it, liek hes fucking addicted...

    anyhow he wants to do acid, and is going to get it from someone. I was like wtf. He has never done anything besides weed and he thinks he can just do acid.

    I am trying to tell him that he should do it later, when he is more experienced, especially with phycodellic drugs.

    hes messed up in the head somehow, and since acid supposedly brings out mental illnesses than i think he will just get messed up more in the future.

    He takes Zoloft, or some anti-depressant if that makes any difference.

    Its not like acid is bad, i look forward to doing it in the future, but i know my limits. I need to do shrooms alot more before i can step up that far to LSD.

    give me some reasons to tell him that he shouldn't do it, bc he wont listen to the things im telling him. first hand users of LSD share your wisdom.
  2. you dude its ted, i am a little throwed so if this doesnt make sense just try and rool with it, yeah he said he was trying to get acid, but i wouldnt let him do it, ive done shrooms once but didnt really trip, so i think i should prolly do shrooms at leazst like 7 more times before i even consider dropping acid,, just try and make sure he doesnt do it, cause he isnt ready yet at all, have him eat lik,e an eighth of shrooms and see what happens then see if he wants to do acid
  3. thats what im trying to tell teh dirty fucker, but he thinks he is invincible, "CR" says he doesnt care, just let him do what he wants, i about smacked him.
  4. i've only been smoking for a few months..i plan on doing acid whenever it shows up and it seems like a good day..did some shrooms not too long ago, was fun..i don't think you should be too mad at him about it..i'm not sure if zoloft complicates it, or possibly if he needs that maybe he wouldn't do well with acid, but tell him trhoguh that perspective, not the "you're not ready for it because you haven't been smoking long" thing..because if there was some acid around here tonight, i would grab it...same goes for shrooms tho
  5. he can take acid no problem..
  6. i gave my friend who only smokes weed 1 hit of some bomb acid a few days ago and he said it was the most fun thing he has ever done in his entire life and i gave my other friend 3 hits and he got on a fucking bike and left for like an hour and when he came back he was just like "dude i fucking love riding bikes". lol
  7. let him do tape it..then come back and post it I will give u a plus rep for your efforts;)
  8. ive never done shrooms but I took a hit of acid in the beginning of the summer (altho I had alot of parnoias about it and trying new psychedelic drugs can make me nervous) and it was probably one of the best choices of my life. on a small dose lsd is very mellow
  9. get him to do some salvia instead.
  10. yeah man. CR IS just a crazy mofo, lol, let him try it, but just be a sitter for him, he might not trip the first time anyways, that is if he only does one hit, but have him buy a .5gh of some 20x salvia, let him trip for like0 minutes
  11. salvia isnt shit compared to acid..
  12. He'll be fine, just drop that shit and have lots of water around.
  13. does shrooms relate to low quality acid?
  14. Man, people in the sixties dropped acid as their first drug and they said that shit was amazing.
    Imagine how mind-blowing that must be dropping acid when your so new to the drug world. If hes positive about it im sure it will go well. If it goes bad well lets say hes not gonna be fucking with psychedelics for a while.

    Don't ever introduce salvia to anyone as their first psychedelic! It will ruin their view of the "other side"
  15. He'll be fine... you don't have to have experience with any drug to drop acid. My first time I dropped 6 incredible hits and never did any other pshycadelic...
  16. I went from weed to acid without a problem. I can only imagine it being bad if you were drugged or something and didn't realize you had taken acid.
  17. if your genuinly worried about him, dont trip on the fact he is doing acid....just go with him, make sure the transaction between money and acid goes smoothly, make sure hes safe with him when hes trippin, its good to have somone not trippin with you around.

    last time i did acid, i saw this white rabbit in teh street, i thot it got hurt so i picked it up, and walked around for 40 minutes tryint to find an animal hospital to bring it to.

    my friends thot it was really funny, i didnt know why at the time, but not i do, there was no white rabbit, i was carrying around a log for 40 minutes LOL.

    but yeah, acid isnt that bad, just make sure hes safe and shit.

    if he likes acid, i highly recommend shrooms, cheap, 30 bucks an 8th (which is like the perfect amount)....that should be a fun time lol

  18. The first psychedelic I ever did was Salvia and I cant wait to find some acid, and some good 'shrooms.
  19. sorta they are different tho totally.. i guess u could say shrooms are less intense.
  20. why are you trippin? you act like your his dad, just let him trip if he wants. it doesnt matter about how long you smoked for. and there is no level till you can try acid. you dont gotta try shrooms then acid.

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