I need some questions answered if anyone is interested

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Kia, Jan 22, 2003.

  1. Okay, I'm new here(obviously) and I was wondering if any of you ladies or gentlemen could help answer a few questions I have.

    I was wondering about the differences in smoking like which is the best- meaning gives you the best high. I've mainly just smoked joints like with zig zags and also I had a little pipe which worked well until it got clogged up so badly and then my friend ruined it. Anyway are bongs better? I've tried them only a few times but someone always had to help me. What do you guys think?

    My other question is: I'm going out this weekend and I'm going to try and get some and I'd like to know how to tell if it is decent bud or not. Like what color and stuff like that.I'm looking forward to hearing some good imput-Thanks!
  2. 1. Bongs work the strongest (grasvity bongs are the strongest) also coockies work stronger than smoking because when smoking some 30-40% go up to the skies, and when eating it all goes to you.

    2. The smell thells you alot of the quality, the weaker the scent the weaker the stuff. Also very dry weed isn't good, well atleast based on my experiences.
  3. also look to see if you can see any crystals, like in the pics in the picture post forum....these are the crystals that get you high.....i only use a bong as i hate tobacco, be carefull though, it can be a big hitter depending on the size of the bong, as for using it....it's easy just add some water and pack the bowl, cover the hole at the back, and light the grass and suck like hell till you cough...lol...if you need some oxygen in with the smoke then ley you're finger off the back hole.....Peace out...Sid
  4. Na na na joints are the best man.......... why you get rid of your pipe did you try cleaning it first???? cause you gota do that man. bongs are good also they are also fun.
  5. iforgot... be nice now.

    I'm sure ubik and sid are not crack whores. That's not nice!

    For shame!

    But I agree with ya... joints are the way to go for me.

    And who said you had to contaminate the delicious weed with tobacco?

    But it does seem to hit you harder if you use things that either:

    cool the smoke (like water bongs)


    give you lots of dense smoke (like gravity bongs or steamrollers or even big water bongs).

    Try them all out if it suits your fancy... I'm sure you will find what you like.

    Toke on!
  6. indeed! i would way rather smoke a joint! but i'm not to picky. i like bongs to. they're just so big and i have kids so i honestly haven't smoked from a bong in over 10 yrs. lol. well i made a real bad one about a year ago for my salvia, that's toast.

    one thing~ how do you clean your pipe without losing the resin?
  7. budburner

    you dont know what your talking about........

    They are to crack hores JOINTS rule

    but bongs are ok i guess i dont really use on to hard to hide or put some where unless it is small one
  8. daisyedDuked

    Just clean it out over like a peice of paper to catch what ever falls man then stick it back in and get a lighter and toke away
  9. No way man, don't smoke that black gooey crap, its terrible for you. Throw that in the trash. The only good resin is resin within ripe flowers.

  10. Budburner is right on the money, for a cleaner more ptent hit a bong cant be beat, especially iced.

    'Iforgot' whore is spelled with a 'W', and if you cant contribute positively to this site dont contribute at all.

  11. I did try cleaning it first but my stupid ex tried to take it apart because he thought he knew what he was doing but its broken now. I'll just have to get a new one. Does anyone have any suggestions on what kind?
  12. Why thank you ick!

    And...... you are teading on mighty thin ice, iforgot.

    Enough with the nasty names already!
  13. first off, high all, i'm a new recruit as well, fresh from the toaster. I myself use bongs religiously (preferbly glass), but yea i guess if its a conceal issue u should stick with the pipe or papers. Otherwise i highly recommend the water route.
  14. hey deceptecon....i'm optimus prime and i'm gonna kick your ass....lol....Peace out....Sid
  15. Myself from experience I find a small pipe to be the best.You can usually put it out between tokes and don't lose anything.Also the cleaning issue can be resolved with alcohol.It will loosen the residue up and make it come out of the pipe.Joints are ok but you lose so much up in the air with them.Unless you have a power hitter or something like that.Peace Out Peep's!!!!!!!!!!!

    :) :)
  16. That was hilarious about the transformers Sid. I got a good laugh out of that one!
  17. heheheh.,.

    yea i love the gen 1 transformers, grew up to it, i still listen to the soundtrack n all to the movie even though over half of it is hairband style music,

    "Its over Prime"
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  19. i remember i used to have optimus prime, and one that i forgot the name of....he was a decepticom jet....black and purple in colouir.....can you remember him?.....Peace out...Sid
  20. .,well steve i like mine better :p

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