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I need some pro bong techniques, anyone care to share?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Shankmasterflex, Sep 25, 2009.

  1. What up bladdddessss.

    So I've finally got my own bong now and have been hittin it on the weekends. It's a foot and a half Roor with a diffused down stem (and hopefully soon I can put a good ol' A/C on it). It hits like a champion everytime and gets me and everyone I know soaring through the clouds by the second clear.

    But... I'll be honest, me and this one guy like to compete a little every so often. We like to see who can take the bigger hit, and usually also take in to account how much of a pussy you are afterward (not if it's big enough though). :p

    Lately he's been beatin' me on the fact that he can milk the living christ out of the thing and still manage to clear it all. This weekend I'm hopin' to beat him for once, but I need a little friendly advice. How do you guys get bigger hits out of your bongs?

    Any "techniques", if you can call them that, do you guys use? If you got any little things you do, definitely 'fess up! Anythin about the way you breath, or the way you clear, or even the way you light man! I know the seasoned blades on here can milk a fat bong, so hit me up with some advice!

    Peacelove, Shank
  2. I like to add ice cubes to really chill out. :smoking: Maybe try getting one of those larger bowls they sell to replace the smaller one then you don't have to worry about clearing it. Go to the bathroom right before it's your hit, and spray Chloroseptic in your throat to numb it a little (it does help a bit). Also, when I let my stash get too dry, it gets harsh.
    Peace dude!!
  3. When you're milkin' it, DO NOT use your lungs at all. Exhale deeply and slowly prior to milkin so your lungs are pretty much empty.

    Once the tube is white, pull the slide and suck in with your lungs as deeply as you can!

    I don't know what else to tell you besides the first point. Having your lungs empty is the biggest thing. However, you may not be able to get as big of a rip as your friend. Lung capacity has a lot to do with it.
  4. Well assuming they are using the same bowl and one of them is not cheating by using chloraseptic... pack the bowl as much as you can, light the entire top and burn it about half way through. after that inhale slowly, very slowly so the there are just a few bubbles every second but not so much that the cherry goes out. let the cherry burn while your pulling and then just take the bowl out and rip it
  5. Like Hooligan said exhale all the way milk inhale.

    But really why make a contest out of smoking weed it should be a peaceful but hey its your weed.
  6. I clean it every time s little bit just a scalding water wash,
    than i put some ice cubes in a cup and pour water over them, sometimes hot water to make the cubes smaller and fit into my little guy,
    than i put the cubes in and pour the water in,
    and if its a multi chamber ill put the water in and get it up and put ice cubes in the top chamber
  7. try hyperventilating before takig nthe hit.

    breathe in and out kind of rapidly before takign your hit. right before you go to take the hit, breathe out entirely, then take a nice, slow milky rip.

    i have heard that hyper ventilating like so will make your body think it needs less oxygen, therefore lettign you hold your breath longer. ( i saw this on the travel channel, an expert spear fisherman was giving up some trade secrets for stayig ndown longer)
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  8. Yeah, basically when I'm about to take a big rip, I empty out my lungs almost, if not, completely. Then I light and suck in til its milked. Pull out me slide and It's usually cleared.

    Good luck, go and beat him :smoking:
  9. Where I live we're all jealous of who can take the smallest. Normally bigger rips just means you smoke more and thus have shittier lungs...
  10. like everyone has said man...CLEAR THOSE LUNGS before you rip it, your friend might also just be able to take bigger rips, lung capacity is key man, but good luck and tell us if you claim victory:smoking:
  11. Before you take your hit make sure you take a FEW very deep breathes, inhale and exhale slowly. This will expand your lungs a bit.
  12. Take slow, deep hits. Only ram it down if you can handle it.

    Use ice. It cools and condenses smoke.

    Exhale slowly.

    Corner the bowl- everyone gets a green hit.

    I change the water after every session. I use crushed ice, and some cubes. Cold ass water, I'll hit a milked piece mad fast just to show off, but it gets some people bad, i've seen chunks fly from it before.
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    1. add a little more water than usual
    2. add as much ice as possible (crushed is better)
    3. make shure your bud is on the dry side... if you got some super sticky set it on top of a lightbuld for 20 mins until it dries out.
    4. grind the bud intil it is a tad smaller than you would use in a blunt.
    5. put a glass screen in the bowl, a metal one if you cant find a glass one.
    6. pack the bowl as tight as you can get it without clogging it.
    7. take several deep breaths.. as deep as possible.
    8. breath out fully
    9. torch the entire bowl and begin ripping the bong.... this is the part that takes the most experiance IMO.... it depends on how the weed is burning to determine how hard you should suck

    10. Now with larger bongs it may be hard for some people to clear... no worries though you can still take an insane rip from any bong.
    What I do is torch the bowl and milk the bong as hard as possible... like brownish yellow smoke... and I wait till the whole tube is milked and it just reaches my mouth. Then you breath out once or twice then inhale the hit as quick as possible.
    1.1. Now hold it for at least 5 seconds.. longer if possible then breath out
  14. yea bro, dont rip it quick if you cant handle it(not assuming you cant)but just hit it smooth and slow and you should be able to rip the whole bowl..then if you really wanna show off and still have the lung capacity take another breath of fresh air after you've ripped it to make it sting a little lol
  15. Clean the water every hit, use the same size bowl, and dont change the screen or ash around the hole because this can effect drag, it also can if you change the water, just makes sure its the same amount. Those are all factors if you wnat it to be fair.
    Go slow. Watch the smoke after the bowl is properly cherried, it shoudl only be lit once.
    As for breathing technique everyone does there own thing, what may comfortable to me may be more harsh towards you. Just work up gradually until you can hit it better.
    Do you smoke tobacco? Does your friend? People who smoke a lot of tobacco probably have more nasty tar covering the inside of their lungs.
  16. This post is extremely correct. You have to breathe in a certain way so that you create suction, but not pull so hard that you're actually inhaling smoke as you fill it. Lung capacity does have to do with it I would say. Being a trumpet player professionally I find it easy to just pull and milk tubes easily and clear them. I have little trouble clearing anything I've ever smoked out of, but anyone can build their capacity and strive for bigger rips.:smoking:
  17. LOVE the support of the forum:hello:
  18. 1) drag as slow as possible
    -you dont want yellow smoke, your looking for white or a less dense color

    2)after you drag the hit into the bong, open the side of your mouth a little bit to exhale the air. Then proceed to take your hit
    -but do it pretty quickly otherwise your hit can go stale and most likely cause you to throw up
  19. Whenever me and my buddy try to caddy a bowl in one hit I usually keep it from getting straight past the percs and let it milk as thick as I can (to where its a yellowish color) in the chamber before pulling the slide. Knowing how to circular breathe really helps a lot.

  20. did anyone else find this weird?

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