I need some piece of mind with my recent Drug test, (pics inside)

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  1. Whats up peoples, long time troller, but I have never posted. Hopefully I'm posting in the proper area. Heres my quick story. I had to take a pre employment test yesterday (Friday) for a job I'm really shooting for. And this about to be the longest few days of my life!
    So I have major back issues and I'm not sure what's considered a heavy smoker, but I'd smoke a joint or a bowl or 2 everyday to everyother day. I'm a closet smoker so sometimes I'd go a day or two without smokeing. I'm 6'7 220lb with a decent metabolism. I haven't smoked in about 2 and a half weeks in anticipation of getting tested. My interview was on Wednesday and they called me back a couple hours later and offered me the job! I figured I'd have at least another week to clean up. So I accept the job and scheduled my test for Friday afternoon and head to my local head shop and pick up some Ultimate Gold detox and a few First Check drug tests from CVS to track my progress. Wednesday afternoon I chug the detox and start drinking a ton of water like instructed. Thursday eve i take one of the tests and I get a nice solid line. It's working!
    So I continue my regimen. The next morn about 3 hours before the actual test I take another home test. Not as dark as the eve before but still a solid line. Head to the drug screening place, and did the recommended collecting a mid stream sample and was out in a jiffy. Got home a couple hours later and decided to take the last home test and it was the lightest one of all. I'd say very faint. I'll post pics. So now I'm freakin out a little. They send it to the CRL lab so I don't know how sensitive their tests are. Looking back I probably should have waited another day to drink the Ultimate Gold.
    Bottom line is if I screw this up I'm F'ed. Ive been laid off since April, not to mention the life problems the family has delt with the last a couple of years. Of course the wife already announced the new job to everyone. So alot riding on this. Sorry for being long winded. FYI the first pic is a few hours after the test the second is a few hours before. Let me know what you guys think. Peace.

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  2. You should be alright. If anything the lab uses the same tests kits. lol.
  3. I hope so

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