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I need some peace of mind

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ohyeah290, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. Ok so here's the deal. I'm going into the marines (eventually, my recruiter is taking is sweet old time). I'm wanting to smoke weed (like half a jay of dank) and I haven't smoked in three months. I'm 5'10 205lb. I wouldn't say I have A LOT of fat but I do have some fat. I also do jujitsu but I've been on a break here recently and I'm going back next week. (I know physical activity would help get it out as well as water which I drink PLENTY of.) About how long would said jay take to be out of my system?

    Sorry for one of these threads. I just couldn't think of anywhere else to post and I would looooove to smoke.
  2. Don't do it...Never risk what the military can and will do to you if you fail one of their tests.:cool:
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    Yeah. That's what I'm thinking but my paperwork has been going all wierd and I was supposed to go to MEPS two months ago. I'm supposed to be going to MEPS next month but we'll see how that goes. I'm just wanting to know since I hardly smoke anymore if I would be able to pass the military's test in a month considering it will only be one time and not even that much at that.

    I've also passed a drug test for a job the night after smoking a little after a 6 month hiatus from smoking.

  4. i agree with this dude.
  5. See the thing is I'm getting a bunch of different answers in other places. Some are saying since I could pass a drug test right this very second that it would be out of my system in a very short amount of time since it's not even a lot of weed. Then I hear from somewhere else it's a month no matter what. I'm probably not going to smoke but at this point it's just a what if I wanted to kind of thing.
  6. Get high man
  7. The military will fuck you with their steel-toed boots, tell you to kiss their hairy, white asses...And to suck their dicks while you're down there in a fuckin' heartbeat if you fail, do not risk losing your freedom over something like this.

    Pull the four, get out, enjoy what you earned.:cool:
  8. I decided against it. Just had a jay laying around, saw it, and was just like "what if". I don't know exact dates on everything so I just said screw it. I'll just drink.
  9. Itll be gone in a week max
  10. smoke some bombass hashish with the afghan locals
  11. say fuck the marines and get supa doopa high
  12. Please do not join the marines man. They fuck you over, they control you, and when you come back you can't even get a damn job.

  13. I'm going intelligence. With a top secret security clearance and a military background the job I want will be easy to get.
  14. I actually recommend you smoke the joint.
  15. Well now my friend smoked it so it's gone.
  16. He done you a favour, you'd have swapped a minor craving for weeks of anxiety. Down some bud (weiser) :) and forget about it! :cool:
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    I recommend you go find some weed, then.
  18. You would have been fine. If they piss test get fake piss, if they hair test there's a shampoo for that (or shave your head) if they blood test get a blood transfusion (haha jk jk) seriously though. You could easily have gotten a detox drink or fake piss if you were THAT paranoid.
  19. Not worth it man im sure military tests are harder to fool than regular job tests

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