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I need some law help plz

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Duha, Sep 19, 2009.

  1. Ok so I got a call from someone, and they asked if I smoked with there brother. I told them no.

    I have though. She told me if she finds that I am hanging out with him anymore she is going to call the cops. Now I am not going to hang out with him anymore, but If she finds that we did smoke weed, what can happen to me if she calls the cops for that?

    I am 23 and her brother is 15, but I have known him for 10 years or so. I was with the girl that said was going to call the cops on me for 7ish years, and we were even engaged at one point.
  2. bump plz
  3. That suck man, talk to the brother, see if you two can work something out so you can meet someplace and toke man.
  4. It depends a little. Did you give that 15-year old boy marijuana? If yes, that can lead to big trouble if she tells the cops. Im not good in these law thingies, but I know that getting caught for giving/selling marijuana for an underage is worse than getting caught by smoking pot alone.

  5. Nothing can happen unless the brother caves and says "yes officer, this man gave me weed..." but if you know the kid will be cool tell her to can it and you two do whatever the fuck you want, she cant do shit.
  6. I know he is young but I really feel like we are brothers more then anything. I am just really shooken up by this. I don't just smoke weed with him, we talk about teen issues, and I help him with homework and stuff.

  7. oh christ dude, i was all for helping you until you said "we talk about teen issues", please, if you're ever trying to defend your hanging out with this kid to his sister or mother, do not use that as your line of reasoning, you sound like a major pedophile.
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    lol no not that i can guarantee that. I didn't think about that cause we are like brother.

    I meant teen issues like his dad got arrested a few weeks ago for possession. Dealing with gangs, because we live in a gang area. Talking to him about dealing with his moms death. Getting through high school. Not like puberty shit lol. I meant like just making it through teen years, and issues that teenagers face with school and gangs and stuff.

    You have to understand, his dad is a big weed smoker, and doesn't take good care of him. His mom died in from a freak occurrence. He really lives on his own for the most part. His sisters, really don't have much to do with him. Honestly I am the only positive person that he is around. Ya I smoke weed, but I am finishing my college degree in about a year, with extremely high grades. If I thought I was putting him in harms way I wouldn't do it.

  9. nah i was just fookin with you man. But yeah, its cool to hear that youre being like a father figure to him, keep that up. He not only needs that, but it's a very rewarding experience to mentor a kid like that, isnt it?
  10. pretty sure u can't get in ANY trouble.. at all.. none whatsoever.. even if some kid goes "OH THIS GUY GAVE ME WEED" they still can't do a single thing, maybe follow you and find out if ur a dealer or something but I seriously doubt it.

    don't be so paranoid.
  11. Ya cause he started hanging out with the bloods last year. I kind of got him to get away from that. You know cause his dad really doesn't participate much in his life, and it's easy for kids like that to get caught in that kind of world, because they offer family and companionship. I for awhile when I was around his age and I almost got caught into the gang world. I have had 4 friends shot down, one stabbed to death. Many other shot not killed but just shot, and myself I've been shot at twice.

    I moved all the way to Hawaii to get away from that life. Now I am back and a totally different person, and I see him going down the same path I was headed. I know on one occurrence he was with a group that got shot at, and his cousin who is gang related got shot point blank in the head at a gas station.
  12. Thats a tough call man. Legally if she can prove you give him drugs thats trouble. It would take proof though not hear say. For the kid sake I would still hanging out with him not to many good things come when your gang related. If he doesnt have you he may only have them and hes looking for someone and gangs can easly feel that void for family
  13. Lol don't fret man. They need a warrant to search your house. And just because some random bitch called up sayin you smoke weed, isnt enough for them to get one. The worst they can do is stand at your doorstep and ask you questions, which you can refuse to answer.

    Although I would definitely try to avoid the kid for a while. And definitely dont toke with him again. I mean you can argue that 15 is old enough, but dont force the shit on him... let him decide he wants to smoke.
  14. I just talked to him, told him we going to have to part for a while till he gets older. Told him shit is to hot and I told him I could get in big trouble. He said he's got me if the police get involved. So I hope that is that with this issue and i'll just have to wait till he hits 18 :(
  15. This just doesn't sound right lol
  16. #16 Duha, Sep 19, 2009
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    sure doesn't does it lol.

    But if you have a brother and you care about your brother then you will understand where i am coming from, I have known him since he was 5 years old.
  17. dude i say still hang with him and shit just quit smokin with him and get him to talk to his bitch sister
  18. exactly dude, they cant do anything and if hes cool with it, then why would he rat on you? your the only one that has been there for him, so i hope to god he wouldnt rat on the one person who helped him through his life. Just keep doing what you guys have been, his sister cant do anything.

  19. [​IMG]
  20. Seriously OP there is something a bit off about your relationship with this 15 year old child. You should really try not to seem so attached. It makes you look weird. Also for your own protection, and his frankly, DON'T GIVE WEED TO KIDS!!! Do you really need to be told that?

    I have teen children, If I ever found out that my 14 year old was hanging out with a 23 year old that was giving him weed, I would probably put a gun in the dudes mouth.

    It's time for you to start meeting some nice guys your own age.

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