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  1. so all my life my main interest has just been marijuana, ive read up on it( i dont like to read) watched videos, and of course smoked a lot. So i stopped about 22 days ago because a psychologist ive been seeing said it was causing my depression and needed to stop forever. Ive heard plenty of times on here to let the herb revolve around you and not you around it. well i think i was revolving around it and now im 19 in my second year of college and i have no major, interests, girlfriend, probably no real friends, and idk what to do with my life. So any advice would be greatly appreciated, go easy on me
  2. I mean if you are interested so much in it try botany. Idk it seems like you would enjoy learning about plants and stuff. And on your spare times you could go to conventions and stuff to learn more about marijuana and legalization. Do what you like to do.
  3. Take each step in stride. Keep your head up and you'll go far kid.
  4. Most colleges have lots of different clubs or groups you can join doing everything from shark research to shooting pool to robotics. Maybe a good place to start would be to look in a college directory and see what looks interesting. Also, pull a local Sunday paper, look at upcoming events and plan a couple of things to do each week. You never know, you could have fun and meet new people! You simply have to decide to try new things and have some fun! Good luck my friend.

  5. i thought about that but i kind of got a problem idk but i tend to over think things and think too far ahead and i dont feel i could make it and keep interest in the subject thats not specifically bud
  6. Well first off weed is not whats causing your depression, thats some bullshit right there. My guess is your most likely not to happy with your self appearance. Try to work on that as much as you can, trust me it will boost your confidence. Find something that you are interested in, it could be anything you just have to have an open mind. Were you smoking just to get "fucked up" or were you smoking to relax and enjoy yourself at the end of the day. Weed is fine you just have to know how to control it, I like to use weed as a reward for myself. Example: If I finish this certain amount of work, I'll smoke a bowl. Etc... Girlfriend I cant give you much advice because I don't really know you but just try to be more open and get out more. With friends its the same thing. Try to choose a major and work hard towards it. From there you will start to learn and see what to do with your life. Hope I helped a little bit man. Good luck man I hope you start seeing the brighter side of everything.

  7. o ya i didnt mention that im super shy so its hard for me to meet new people and try new things but im trying very hard to change that

  8. ya i started changing my body 2 years a go and ive lost 30 pounds and i have visible abs now but it never looks good enough. At times i would have my mental in the right place and smoke at the end of the day but i ended up always having bud or smoking throughout the day just because i had it. Id normally smoke by myself and just reflect and think. Im thinking about starting to smoke again but really sticking to that end of the day stuff or weekend. its tough because i feel/know that i have to drive or determination but i could be underestimating my self( i tend to do that)

  9. Don't over think it cause then you'll get nervous and be stuck in a never ending loop. Just be yourself, I know you hear it all the time but its really the best advice. What do you have to worry about? Alot of the people you meet wont even remember you in a year or two. Its just like you have one life to live, live it to the fullest and enjoy it while it last, you don't want to be stuck being shy the rest of your life.

  10. ya i hate that i think like that, i overthink every situation. i try to tell my self to live it to the fullest but for the longest time i didnt value my life and wanted to end it and im now just starting to care a little

  11. Ending it isn't going to help anything. It's good though that your starting to care, when next semester comes up pick your major and try to have a fresh start. Think about it, college is like your time to restart, you can be whoever you wanna be. Would you rather be known as the guy who was always shy or the guy that liked to have a good time and was fun to be around. In high school I wasn't the most popular kid, I didn't really get that many girls. I came to college and just told myself, "It's time to restart my life, I'm just gonna live and not give a fuck what people think." (Well now I'm out of college and working for my dads company which will be mine when he passes) But anyways man what I'm trying to say is, Fuck the haters, be who you want to be and dont let anyone get in your way.
  12. dude, the first thing you should do is find a major and start focusing on it.

    If you have nothing better to do (like you describe) you'll get on top of your classes and own the fuck out of them. Then you'll get good grades. Then you can find a job. That's always a good thing.

    Better than sitting all day blowing dank
  13. "Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self esteem, first make sure you are not, in fact, just surrounded by assholes." ~borrowed
  14. You should try to figure out what you want to do with the next ten years of your life. When I finally got a plan, I felt like my life had at least some direction for once. It was nice.
  15. Homie you sound exactly like me a lil ways back. You just gotto find that one thing that truly drives you and fills you with a happiness, and if weed makes you happy well then what is somebody to tell you different.they don't know what really goes on in your head only you do

  16. ya but dam i dont even know where to start like i have no job so i cant plan to move out, ive been looking for a job for the past year and a half. the major thing is a huge problem because when i think about any major down the line i know ill end up hating it.

  17. ya its just ive never felt that drive, bud was/is the only thing i genuinely liked for a long time, weed is just a problem like i cant go anywhere with it and its not accepted and there are probably millions of people with the same passion for it, i probably couldnt compete

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