I need some info plz..

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  1. Hi guyz..

    Its my first time doing that and I dont know if its ok..

    Look at the pic and tell if something is wrong with them..

    Thanks !

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  2. HIGH All, your babies need to be transplanted. Very carefully remove each seeder to individual pots.

    Do you have a fan....it helps strengthen the plants.
  3. HIGH All, thanks highgirly420...don't know how I missed that one. AAHHHHH I know now...not buzzzed *LOL*.
  4. 1. So I should burry them till the "red" line ?

    2. How many hours a day of light they need & what kind of light ?

    3. Can I know from now if the plants are male/female ?

    They are 3-4 weeks old about..

    Thanks again guyz..

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  5. It would work better if you mount or hang your lights above your plants!
    They r stretching towards the lights!
    Remember distance has a big effect on how lanky your plants get!
  6. Your going to need about 18 hours of light on, 6 hours of light off. It will need to be fluoros, HPS, or mH.

    you wont be able to know if they are male or female for quite awhile..they are growing slowly, get some lights on em soon.
  7. Ok...

    So guyz, The photo up is the fluorine light right ? I think I need a bigger one ? :)

    The 2 photos down is how I got them right now !

    I need another flowerpot ? More deep ? And fluorine light at the top ?

    Give me some advices m8s ;-)

    And if you got some pics to show me , it will be great !

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  8. that light that u showed-- i cant realy tell if that is a fluro or not... but r u going organic or r u using ferts?? r u going to clone your plants???
  9. Hi again guyz..

    Thats how I got them now.. Is it ok like that ?

    Why should I clone them ?

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  10. Foil can cause hot spots and burn your plants!
    Is that a flourecent tube or is it a grow bulb????
    You should only have one plant per container! They will wrap roots and choke each other to death!!!
  11. Its flourecent tube..

    Should I keep only one plant and put it in the middle with the foil ?


    Should I take out the Foil ?
  12. Everything is ok so far.. I can see more leaves now..

    How should I irrigate them ? Just with water ?

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