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  1. well hey everyone today i was in uni right and some big scary looking fat tall rugby type maori for you guys who dont know what that is its a new zealander the darker type :) (i like maoris btw) anyway i was in class and im your typical brown boy im no gangsta lol i was minding my own business when outta no where he trys to start me and starts sayin lots of stuff at me so obviously im not gunna do nothing so i say shi* back to him and he just left and sat back where he sits

    so later in the day when i get home he was telling everyone that me and him were going to fight and now im thinking why would he do that over nothing im not a violent person ive never really been in a proper fight only those little kiddy fights back in the day and this guy thinks hes gangsta and shi* alot of people dislike him aswell. But the point is he will come from no where and hit me i know this type of person and to be honest call me a pussy but im scared of him im a normal person and i swear this guy eats cows for dinner thats how big he is :| so yeah what should i do ive never been in this position ever lol

    i will have people to back me up though but so will he
  2. just try and talk it out if that doesnt work make him look like a bitch infront of his boys, but not in a violent way, like find shit out about him and then tell him to his facewith like 60 big dudes behind you!
  3. Round up some boys, pack some blunt objects (hammer handles and trolley bars) and over next few days keep ur friends close and watch your back. Mate this kinda shit is cowardly and honouslty has never happened to me before (im a big boy and a decent fighter) Wish you all the best, Keep your head and dont show your intimidated, its what the faggot wants.
  4. i was going to question your fighting techniques... but then i realized it was not blunt cigars haha
  5. i love blunts mang
  6. sit him down for a smoking session :hello:
  7. haha thats what i thought he meant at first too

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