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I need some high ideas about God

Discussion in 'Religion, Beliefs and Spirituality' started by hoju1959, Nov 25, 2017.

  1. My best attempt to find an all knowing, benevolent and loving god has proved fruitless. Some of my family members are church goers and can't explain how such a perfect something can exist and still allow such horrible life. I grew up going to church and as an adult I like the bible and consider it a great work of fiction. The main characters, (new testament), of jesus, god and satan make for a great story but I don't know of anyone that has any evidence. Only blind faith, and that is very dangerous, as witnessed in current politics. People of fervent, loud and constant pronouncements about their Christianity are not people I do business with. But something had to have started everything we know.
  2. either something exists or it doesn't. for certain fact, a universe exists. the credence is our ability to experience it. its intention is evolving; creating more grander versions of itself, thru its own
    relationships, both inward and outward from the conscious perspective, promote
    change and constant fluctuations.
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    something or nothing.
    nothing can't exist, because something does.
    numbers and the existence of 1 universe is purely objective.
    mathematical calculation is solely based on reasoning with no sentiment.
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