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I need some help!...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Cholo13, May 9, 2006.

  1. Hey, i have sort of a minor depression (not all the time, very rarely), i've heard allot about the hashish and how it can make your minor depression bigger...?! So im about to start toking marijuana, because i used to 2 years ago... Well, i think allot of people in here have problems too, i mean, everybody have some problems... Please help me, will i get sad or something, im all about that peace... Help me peaceful tokers!
  2. i dont get it.. im all about what? all about being peaceful or about being sad.. ? just smoke and find out 1 time isnt gonna kill ya
  3. I really doubt that smoking hash will make you depressed. If anything you'll love being that baked. The only thing that could depress you is if you run out of hash.
  4. haha this is so true
  5. i don't know anything about it, but my guess would be that if there's already emotional instability of some sort any substance could potentially make it worse. it probably isn't a direct action of weed itself, but that if you're feeling shitty you might smoke a bowl to deal with it. then when that wears off you'll feel shitty again, maybe even more depressed. seems like it could just aggrivate an already present cycle like that, making your emotions less balanced. but, if you keep your smoking in check, i don't think it would end up being a terribly bad thing. i know weed has done a lot of good for me.
  6. Man that was what i wanted to hear lol... Im going to a shrink soon, one of you guyes said that the best cure against depression is a shrink and a bowl, i dont remember wich post... But thanks

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