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I need some help

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Bild, Jul 31, 2017.

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    Look friends i am a young man from Romania i am 18 years old,and i feelt 1 week ago the resposabilty to tell my parents that i smoke weed(i do for 2 years),and i told them the probleme they keep telling me is bad for me and espeacly for lungs,and i tryed to tell them there's no coreletion whit smokeing weed and cancer but is like i am telling to a wall.
    Today we had again a fight becouse i wana move i got a job i got in university(matemathic-informatic)so i can go to my job and uni and i made a calculation and i can pay up the bill and bla bla,my parents told me if i stay here and pay some bills they will stop argue whit me,so i said yes and so today i asked if we understood the condition in order to stay and i told them i gonna smoke weed to and they started screaming and shits at me,and so i kind off made a shity mistake telling them that what he did at diner(drinking alchool)is pure cancer for me and that shit gonna make your healty worse and worse as day gose (he is not a hard drinker he drinks like once a week)and he got mad and told me that alchool is a foodstuff not a drug and dosent give you addiction like weed dose and that's why you wana move becouse you are addicted and i told them no i am not i aint smoke weed for 3 weeks and i am perfecly fine i just wana smoke becouse it releax me and they dont wana understand that,and they dont understand the ideea of inhaling as he say's "smoke".And by the way they are verry verry verrry religion and ya i am athiest and i told them that like 2 years they got used whit it,but to be honest i dont give a shit i had my resposability telling them and i did the right thing i am not ashamed of it,if they dont wana understand i dont care i got a bright futer as a programer soon and after uni i wana move to america getting sick of this shitty country Romania!
    What to do should i move to my own place or stay here pay the bills and smoke outside not in the appartement?
    NOTE:I gonna move in 2 month and i told them i wont smoke if i stay whit them(even if i still gona smoke when i have a opprtunity)
  2. Time to Move out..!

    it happens to all of us!

    But is fair:

    that if you are at your parents house

    you must live under their rules ..(Understand)

    all the more reason to move out and in with a friend from university/collage

    good luck
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  3. Y,you are right but small prb wich i dont mind is i gotta stay 2 month till i get my first salary :D
  4. Save your bucks ..Leus?

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