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  1. Well my cousin was growing several plants for I have no idea long.. Anyway, to make a long story short he had to move and won't be back for a few years. He gave me the plants and equipment, and I'm not much of a grower. The plants are about 5 feet tall each and are all female. They might have a few deficiencys and are kinda thin with leaves. I need to put them into flowering soon before theyre too big. I'm using a 400w hps, fox farm nutrients and soil. What do I need to know before changing the light to 12/12? And can a plant be to thin to flower? Will be posting a picture tomorrow.. Please help me out
  2. 5 foot?? They are going to get HUGE! I doubt a 400w HPS is going to have enough penetration. I'd probably top them before you flower. They can double, or even triple in size during flower. Sort out the issues before you flower.

    What size pots are they in? They may need to be repotted. General rule is 1 gallon per foot of growth, but I've seen experienced people grow trees in tiny ass pots.

    When you post some pics, you'll get more solid advice.
  3. Seriously ..... 5 foot plants BEFORE switching to 12/12?

    Jesus christ....

    You're going to need to scrog those bitches for sure, cuz theres no way your goign to have room inside for those if you dont .... and like musko said, 400w light aint gunna get even a 1/3 of the potential if you dont.

    I use 1 600w light per every 3 plants I grow. (in flower)
  4. Your going to have to do some bending, cutting or something 5 foot in veg when you go to flower they could easily be 10-15 feet high.
  5. Damn, he shouldnt of even started because he didnt have the time for it. If you guys could point me in the right direction on what I should do top, bend, or whatever you guys think would be best. I'll post pictures asap. And theyre in 5 gallon pots. Thanks for the help, its much appreciated.
  6. It all depends on how much space you have really. Get some pics of your grow area and the plants. Topping them and training (bending) a little would probably be the easiest for you right now though imo. Pretty hard to fuck that up.
  7. They're in a closet. Its probably 7 feet long and 2 or 3 feet wide. Just giving you an idea for now. Can you show me any good examples of bending please?
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    I'd go with topping all tops for sure, definately helps the bud colas out, yum, i got about a 3 foot blue dream in my flowering closet now, topped that hoe a few times during veg and she's doing so awesome now.

    also when bending try not to bend too much so that branches break, i did one time almost broke off a nice branch off my sour D, but she's doing fine still going strong. also had something fall onto my blue dream during veg and ripped off a lower branch which was fine.
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    You won't be able to train it like this, but it gives you an idea of the process involved.

    If it feels like it's going to snap, don't, unless you want to try your hand at supercropping (I haven't been game enough to try supercropping yet)

    Topping is just that much easier. Just cut the whole top part of the plant off above a node set, taking off a foot or 2 in your situation. I'm pretty drunk, so I may have missed something.

    Edit: http://forum.grasscity.com/absolute-beginners/640522-absolute-beginners-compendium-helpful-links.html Take a lookj at this as well. Heaps of info here
  10. Thank you guys, and I think i'm going to go with topping. If I were to top them tomorrow how long should I wait before flowering?
  11. A few days to a week should be enough time to recover before flowering
  12. wait till she/he starts growing some more to give it some time to recover while still in vegging lights.
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    I got another question. Should I clone the tops? Or should I not?

  14. no no no. the tops that you clip off aren't gonna even be big enough to clone them. Look into how to clone on youtube or of course search here at grasscity.
  15. Shouldn't I cut off more then a few inches? I mean theyre literally about as tall as me.
  16. Well, instead of cutting them all up I decided to throw out the 2 taller ones and I saved my shorter and bushier one. The other ones were a lot taller but didn't have near as many branches and weren't filled out as much. Hopefully I made a good choice and this one will enjoy its new room to grow. I'll update soon, because i'm definitely going to need help with flowering. Thanks again grasscity and see you soon :wave:
  17. Also i'm going to have a little extra cash here soon.. I was wondering if there are any good nutrients or anything I should pickup? Here are just some random things I already have calmag, molasses, neem oil, foxfarm grow big, tigerbloom, and bigbloom.
  18. Whatttt??? Your threw out your plantss?!?! :( so sad :(
  19. Yeah I did unfortunately. They weren't in that great of shape, and I just want to get this flowering over with where I can start my own grow from start to finish. Plus almost all the plants growth was on the top they had hardly any branches towards the bottom.
  20. They were probably too far away from the light, sounds like they stretched. You could have fixed them considering they were still in veg mode. Anyway when you do flip to 12/12 make sure that there arent any light leaks that can potentally hermie your girl.

    Oh and Btw you could have made cannaoil/butter with the plant material that your threw out.

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