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  1. Ok ph is 6.5, using a super soil mix, i think I got a hot batch of roots soil mix. When I watered I cut the solution down 25% and used vitamin b, einstine oil, thrive ( formally known as save a tree) solution. Can any one help. Is it potassium deficient, mag, Cal?

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  2. it looks like severe lockout of some sort. What is the pH of your runoff water when you water? wait around 15 seconds to collect it after watering with pH balanced h20. Then we can maybe get to it. But wy would you add nutrients to an already hot soil?
  3. I was used the nutes more as a foliar feed, to help when I transplanted. I never had this problem till I switched from the flouresense to a batwing mh. I have been keeping a journal and have came to the conclusion that is is definitely a nute lock out and light burn. I raised the light( 400 mh) to 40 inches last night above the baby's and they said a big thanks. If you know anything about soil here is my hot mix.... I would like a tea recipe for this

    8-bags of roots soil mix( which come to my finding their soil was hot to begin with)
    2 bags of light hp soil mix
    2- wormy castings 30 liter
    5lbs- bat guano
    5lbs- bone meal
    6lbs_ fish bone meal
    2-cups of lilly matter( which is lime and I will use half of that dosage next time)
    2 cups of epsome salt
    1-1/2 cups of oyster shell
    1-1/2 cups of organism

    So all and all found new growth and will be getting a RO SYSTEM and the ph is dialed in. Thanks for the help
  4. I will also be making a tea with mykos and EWC. Any other suggestions

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