I need some help with hash.

Discussion in 'General' started by Bjarne, May 6, 2016.

  1. image.jpeg Hey, I,ve got some hash, and i was wondering if anyone had a good idea of how to smoke it, most effeciently.

    Kind regards
  2. On a needle, under a glass perhaps?

  3. Thank you, but it seems so weird and clumsy. Maybe there was a really good way to do it.

    Is that a really good way to get high?
  4. Throw a little on top of a bowl and ur good to go.
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  5. What do you mean? What bowl?
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  6. Rude :/
  7. lol

    You've never heard the term "bowl" before? As in glass bowl, pipe bowl, bowl of weed?

    Sprinkle the hash ontop of a packed bowl of marijuana.
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  8. Pipe, bong (my personal favourite but must use a mesh), 2 hot knives, joint, edibles (normally is already decarboxylised)

    Umm yeah, that's how I use it!

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  9. Yeah, i want to try it. But I dont have a butane flamethrower, could a normal lighter do the job?
  10. For hot knives you can use a gas stove top, a lighter probably wouldn't work no

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  11. I don't even have a gas stove :i
  12. Shit man that's difficult

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  13. Throw some in that dang joint then...
  14. I do, but i want to try something else.
  15. You could always inject that whole marijuana.
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  16. put some small chunks inside your joint when you roll it.. or you could try the "knives" method.. you don't need a gas stove bro... you can just heat them up on the coil element... get two butter knives heat them red hot... then "pick up" a pice of the hash from a plate or other non flammable surface with one knife, then smash it together with the other knife,, all while under a gatorade bottle cut in half while inhaling...

    use a gatorade bottle or gallon water jug... cut it in half and use it to gather all the vapors..
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  17. Tha
    Thank you, I'll try it tomorrow
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  18. If you smoke cigarettes the way i have always done it is burn a hole in a plastic water bottle, the size of a quarter. Cut up bits of hash , light a cig, pick up a hash bit by using the lit end of your cig, wait till hash starts smoking, insert cig in the bottle, let the hash smoke fill the bottle. Pull out cig. Unscrew cap and inhale. It is harsh on the lungs due to small amount of cigarette smoke and because when theyre done right, they fuck you up.

    From what ive gathered this is known by many as the poor mans way to smoke hash. People that dont smoke cigs will hate and thats fine but i and everyone in my surroundings have been doing it for over 10 years and imo still the cheapest and most efficient way to get high of limited amounts of hash.

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