I need Some Help! wilty, droopy DARK green and yellow tipped Clone.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by growthrive, May 10, 2011.

  1. So I topped my mother plant about 4 days ago, I know its still early , but it looks really bad, I'll try and get a good picture up for you guys but try and picture it, 3 side leaves all wilted/ drooped over but centre seemed to actually grow a little bit and its all nice and tall, but everything around it Sags like crazy.... Its REALLY dark green but the tips of the wilts are yellow... this started happening more or less the moment it was cut , and I geuss its just gotten worse, Yesterday I found fuzzy shit around it, like start of mold. Im wondering can I move it from the Planters Pride eco cup things to something that wont mold.??? or will it harm the clone!? Please help!
  2. Move it or it will kill it and did you use cloning gel at all
  3. yeah I used a Clone gel, where do I move it? so changing the medium will be alright? or do i need to change the soil and basically move the plant entirely, roots stems plant and all?
  4. how do i upload an image directly from my computer without taking it from a URL?
  5. Well not that out of hand but it needs some love and it mite need some superthrive what r you running 18/6 or 24/7 and on the pic thing that's the only way I no how to do it

    P.s. she mite be in shock
  6. yeah shock is all I can think of, this is scary, i'll let her ride a bit and see how she does... they are on 24/7 and I might have to get some super thrive, but how would I add it , in my mist? because im not watering the mediums of these clones... Let me know, I havnt cloned much, but the little I have have not had problems .... so now, Im just over stressing!
  7. Ya I think you mite be just let them ride for a bit and see how they do and for the 24/7 thing I would say thing about going to 18/6 it gives the plants time to recover from any striss that has happend. A little dark and she mite perk right back up.

  8. yeah Ill figure somthing out with it, it just sucks because yesterday I took 4 more cuts and there all soo beautiful, barely any wilt, still Vibrant Green! and looking sexy, and I dont want to shut the lights off on those Girls, but those others will be fine if say I gave them all ( Just turn of lights to the whole chamber) darkness for like 5 - 6 hrs.?
    and parts of her are perky, just the one side fan leaf is prtty well competly yellow and just shrivled to shit now... but the rest looks fine. should I just clip the ugly leaf?
  9. That's up to you. Really need to see some pics of the mother and clones don't need much light untell they root just a fun fact for you

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