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  1. hello guys this is my first post so please forgive me because i don't know the etiquette for this forums.
    im from Bahrain Arab gcc country is one of the strictest country on weed i start growing last year i accomplished the grow then i got caught by the police i spent some time then they want to make me there bitch by pulling other people in i told them ok ok but i kinda escaped but now its impossible for me to grow again here now im thinking of moving to the US but im not sure which state to go to im not med user and im not sure if i can get licence all i need is advice on where to go so i can rent a place and start growing for personal use i dont sell.
    i want cheap state with good people that dont snitch on me :p
    sorry its not growing related post but here some pic of my last grow 


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  2. Welcome, I think you would like Seattle, Washington and the surrounding area. Weeds legal, lots of places to go, things to do. A seaport where an immigrant would be just the average Joe with all the nationalities represented by the people there.
    California is very nice too, better weather than Seattle, weed friendly to say the least.
  3. Thanks a lot man :)
  4. Stay away from the south..there's high prices and people that would love to snitch on you
  5. you want to grow  your own and you are not mmj potential...move to Colorado.
    Washington still has 'no grow' rules for non mmj people....I expect that to change though.
  6. so my option is Colorado and north California ?
    Washington is 100% ILLEGAL to grow .
    He would not want that .
  8. California, and out of the big cities!  It is very easy to get a medical recommendation- just about any ailment is sufficient- migraines, insomnia, old back injuries from skateboarding- virtually anything! Once you are "California legal" the cops ignore you unless you screw up by growing too many plants, throwing wild parties, or break some other law.
    As an example of this, about a year ago a friend of mine was hospitalized just as she was getting ready to move. Her "space-case" sister and my family moved her stuff for her. While we were busy unloading at the new place, sister decides the house is dusty and needed airing out. She opened all the windows and doors, and left for half an hour or so. Neighbors see the open doors, and knowing my friend is in the hospital, think the place is being robbed and call the cops!
    My friend had a half dozen nice plants on her porch The cops walked right by them, checking things out. Then sister arrives. The cops ask if those are her plants- she says "No, they are my sister's plants- she has a card."  Cops go, "OK. And you really shouldn't leave the place open and unattended like that!" And then they left!  That sort of thing is becoming very common in northern California!  :yay:
    I have a collective garden thats legal. I can tell you as long as you are not going crazy the cops dont give a fuck.
    The other day A guy blew the windows out of his house making hash and was not charged with anything. He was labeled a dumb fuck though.

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