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  1. Ok ph is 6.5, I am using a super soil mix. My second water after transplant, I cut the solution down to 25% of recommended and use the following nutes vitamin b, einstien oil, Zamzows thrive ( a.k.a as save a tree) I need help. Flushed slighty as well allready. And second part of new growth seems to start to do the same, but have new growth still developing. Don't get..........

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  2. I don't KNOW, but would like to know when someone who does replies; subbed.

    Until then, heres some things I thought of and would do to troubleshoot:

    Next watering feed it only distilled / RO water mixed with a tea brewed with EWC and mycos; my knowledge of teas is VERY rudimentary, and better recipes may be found in the organics section

    Check if temps are getting too hot

    Check that theres at least a foot of space in between the plant and light if using HID's

    Check that the soil isnt drying a little TOO much in between waterings.

    Cut back on nutrient solutions slightly, dropping total ppms by 100
  3. possibly too much heat, also cut light time down to 18-20 instead of 24.
  4. Looking like heat, I had one of mine last year outside get fried just like that from the intensity of the sun
    But your new growth is looking healthy

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