I need some help picking a spot and setup

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  1. Hi Everybody,

    This is my first post so forgive me any mistakes.

    I have finally got my med card and am now able to grow.
    I went to college long ago for horticulture and am an electrician so I have the
    needed skills I guess to do whatever.
    My Questions are these:

    1.( What is the best setup for growing these strains PROPERLY?)
    I have been smoking for almost 20 years, I have a high resistance and need potent herb. I know the dif between bomb and so so , good sour d and wanna be sourD. I want to grow sourD(the crazy smelling killa), the real deal skunk#1(you know what I mean), maybe some OG or master kush, or blue dream.These are what I want.

    2.(Which space should I use? I can go 8'x3' closet, or a large attached garage w/ no insul)
    I been leaning towards organic mediums because taste is critical to me, and it seems like some combination of Metal Halide lights is best for both growth and flowering. I also want to use some type of CO2 enrichment. I know I need ventilation and air circulation for plant strength

    3.(What are some good ways to save money, I only have 500-1000 dollars to start with.)
    I have access to all kinds of ballasts and reflectors from street lights, they seem the same type at first look.

    4.(I have a doctors waiver for 50 plants, but I wanted to just run cycles of 10[each wave])
    I was thinking going garage and splitting my area with 12-18 on the grow side and 6-10 on the flowering side flowering room .

    So, I need to know what you guys think as I am done spending 1000 bucks a month on my meds. Thx everybody, PRIMUSd
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    if your going to grow in your garage in vegas... you better build a super large box and insulate the hell out of it..... its hot bro...

    your going to need two lights... High pressure sodium and Metal Halide... not just one... one grows the plant the other flowers the plant

    once you have your box built you have to have suitable air exchange or your plants will not grow as quickly....

    drill a giant hole into your house and pull air threw it into your grow space inside your garage... the size of the fan has alot of factors(size of the room and if you have a fan just to cool your light)a good temp for growing is 80 degrees....

    you should do a read on red diesel.... you might find it interesting....

    Skip the CO2 until you have your first grow down.... you really should know how to grow before you introduce CO2... you can kill your whole crop in an hour... so don't be so hasty on spending in the wrong area...

    build your grow box... pick a medium(soil or hydro)... get your fan and light....
  3. Hey that's solid info thank you very much.So to grow the killer I just need lots of light and ventilation huh? so then I will focus on enclosure, good lights and lots of ventilation/circulation to start and see were i am at after the first grow.thx again

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