I need some help interpreting this recurring dream?

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  1. I frequently have the same dream where I'm driving at night on empty country roads, however I don't see from the driver's point of view- all I see are my car's headlights, and I somehow know that's it's me driving the car. Basically I dream that I'm watching myself driving a car at night from the perspective of another oncoming car.

    Nothing strange happens like not being able to brake or steer the car or anything, I'm just merely driving along yet everything kind of seems like a blur and I wake up from the dream all of a sudden feeling incredibly uneasy and anxious, just like an overwhelming feeling that something is very wrong.

    Anybody got some ideas about what this means?
  2. Perhaps that you are not in the "driver's seat" of your life so to speak, and you allow outside influence and conditioning to guide your decisions. Things seem to run relatively smooth, so you don't think to question it, but really you should take control of your own mind, and life.
  3. Can Anyone help me with mine.

    I used to never have dreams til I started dating my girlfriend. She is so against weed, saying its stupid and if I were to do it again she would leave me. I constantly tell her its not what she thinks but she doesnt listen, so I stopped for her because I would never find a better woman in my life.

    In my dreams, (which is everyday now) weed is in it. It sometimes me going into a horrible neighborhood walking to get it, or my chick is in it smoking with her friends and her teasing me. I am not kidding everyday, and every dream has weed.

    Please any help would be good.
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    Hey matt. I think you need to ask yourself what is more important? Weed or your girlfriend? I feel like you've already decided your girlfriend because of the choice you made, so realise that that is just a dependency trait of the mind. You do not need weed as much as you may be making yourself believe you do. I'm sure the dreams will subside once you can take your mind off the ganja for a while.

    Also, I feel like her teasing you in your dreams may be you subconsciously being afraid to go behind her back to get a toke in, as if she is you in the scenario.. but maybe not? That was a pretty far-fetched guess since I don't know your situation.. haha.

    Hopefully some day you'll be able to toke while in the relationship, but I think you should gain her trust in you first.
  5. Thanks DBV,

    I really miss weed, but I cant lose her so yeah, I should take my mind off of it because honestly, I dont need it. I will just be patient with her and weed. Im sure one day she will come around and we can enjoy marijuana together.

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