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  1. Hey! So, I bought about 5 grams of weed from an unknown guy for about 35 dollars and it was already ground up. It has a weak, bit tea or peppermint like smell. After I tried it, the smoke tasted okay, but the effects were pretty weak. Is it possible that the guy fooled me? I'm pretty paranoid about smoking more.

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  2. You paid at least twice as much as you should of
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  3. I know, next time I will only buy from friends. But could it be laced with something?
  4. I doubt the guy wasted lace on you , but who knows , I'd go for safety and toss it out .
  5. Thank you for the answers. I just bought some dank from a friend, I think I won't smoke this crap.
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  6. 35 for 5 grams is a good price less than ten a g

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  7. It's not loud though..... It's Reggie 5 grams should be like 15 dollars but really OP shouldn't buy stuff like that again though go for buds
  8. Make hot chocolate with it
  9. Around the same price I could buy some real quality stuff, but my friends didn't have it so I gave this crap a try. Not the best decision.
  10. Could it be dangerous?
  11. Only if youre a pussy

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  12. He ripped you off. It ain't weed worth smoking could be dangerous throw it in the trash. Tell that guy who sold it to ya to fuck off

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  13. Lol you think he laced it to make it weak.....wtf really? That doesn't even make sense

    You just bought bunk weed is all.
  14. Lol he sold you dried crunchy fan leaf for $7 a gram. I get the same thing for $1 a gram.
  15. I'll throw this shit out.
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