I need some help guys

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  1. I know this question may sound incredibly stupid to some but I don't know where else to turn
    I jus want to be high like Allllll the time but I can't afford it buds not cheap around here .. How do you guys do it ?
  2. there is a extremely short AND awesome answer to this.
    it solves everything.
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  3. That's what I've been thinking but I don't know where to grow it I don't really have space in my house any ideas ?
  4. There are some of us that can afford to smoke every day. Then there are those of us like me that no longer can. We learn how to deal with our sober selves. That is the only answer. You know you can't deal with your sober self if every time you run out of weed and don't have enough cash for another bag you go to the liquor store. Understand yourself, and you will understand your underlying issue.
  5. you must become one with the marijuanas, only then may you be high all the time
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  6. malt liquor is cheaper...
  7. The question is do you live on your own or do you live with people who will be pissed if you grow. If not get yourself down to a grow store or get a stealth cab pay cash of you can less paper trail

  8. I live with people that will get pissed if I grow that's my dilemma
  9. Dude you're on a marijuana site do a little research.
  10. He who becomes one with cannabis sativa shall reap from her harvest from sun up to sun down

  11. Where would you guys grow if you could grow in your house
  12. Everyone's gonna tell you closet... and it makes the most sense so... closet.
  13. PC Case. You make it sound as if stealth is an absolute must. If you do a grow in your closet, they will probably find out. your best bet is the pc case or a cabinet grow. It's going to cost some serious cash to buy one outright. If you're good with carpentry you could make an awesome cabinet.
  14. Befriend a grower and do work for him/her. Trade random stuff you never foresee using, I used to know a chick who would trade for just about anything. Network with the community around you and just be focused on your goals and the universe will provide what you want in your life. The power of intention or positive thought, manifesting, praying, meditating, these are all examples of way people use positive intention through thought to channel more positive things in to there lives. You got this, just think up more then down and really focus on the specific things your need or want in your life.  It sounds crazy but I shit you not I have been able to do this at points in my life. Its not like you think and the next day life changes, but more like you chose to live in more a positive frame of mind, and then positive things start to happen. Not just random stuff though, I have attracted material things as well as better circumstances in daily life. You have a powerful mind my friend, put it to work and reward yourself!
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  15. make sure you get some f ilters. Gotta hide the smell
  16. you don't.

    Either make the green to afford the green, or smoke less
  17. Get a better job dude :)
  18. Take a t-break until you have a good amount of money. I would suggest to get a bong too since bongs are the best way to get high combusting. When you have enough to buy an o (300 for me) go out and buy one. Keep most of your stash in a mason jar and maybe like a weeks worth in a pill bottle (I recommend this so you dont have to open your main stash every time you light up it will also keep your buds from going stale longer) and store it in room temp. Best way to smoke if you dont grow. Think about it your buying an o for 300 their are 28 grams in an o so insted of buyin a dub every day for 20 you save 260 big ones.

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  19. Well as you live with people not in the know you could try a good old woods grow. Find a nice little spot in the woods that no one wonders into and give it a try. That might be your best bet next year.


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