i need some help from some computer (or google) savvy people

Discussion in 'General' started by NFloyd2357, Aug 24, 2008.

  1. I'm looking for a little help. I found a picture on google images, but was wondering if anybody could help me find a bigger/better res. file of the same picture so i can use it as a background image. I found the image by google-imaging "within you without you," cuz i was looking for anything relating to the song. I ended up finding this pic, which i think is awesome and want it as my desktop now. so anybody who can help, here is the pic, maybe you can find a better version:

  2. sorry, i tried lookin for ya because that is a sweet pic, but i coulndnt find it bigger anywhere!
  3. thanks for lookin /bump
    anyone else wanna give it a shot?
  4. sorry bro..looked all over for one but couldn't find it.

    also tried to enlarge it but it got super pixilated

    sweet pic tho
  5. I tried. Image quality is shitty though.

  6. yea, thanks for tryin tho lol. i was hoping there would possibly be another location online where there was a nice, almost hd-like quality version... jus something for a good wallpaper. i googled around for a bit but with no luck... i can only find it by googleing "sheer tranquil beauty" or "within you without you" lol;, and they only turn up with the small resolution ones
  7. maybe you can contact the creator of the image, and ask for higher rez pic?

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