i need some help bad PLANTS MAY DIE!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by charlie067, Feb 15, 2003.

  1. ok my plants r exactly 2 weeks old and they all have there third nod of leaves comeing in but on the big leaves on the bottom of the plant there is a rusty goldesh color on the tip of the leaves i dont know what this is or what its going to do to my plants only 2 out of five have it i tried useing some stuff called plant sulphur fungicide miticide for flowers fruits and vegetables u can spray it or dust it i sprayed it on the plants and then sprayed the plants with luke warm spring water to rince them off the garden stuff is made by GREEN EARTH if anyone can help me it would be greatly apprichiated i dont want my babys to DIE!but other than the rusty shit the plants r standing nicely and look very green everywhere other than the rusty shit at the bottom .

  2. are you ferting the plants?....if so stop and flush the medium, if not how close are your lights to the plant?....too close and may cause heat stress.....put your hand in between the light and the plant, if it's too hot for hand, it's too hot for the plant......Peace out....Sid
  3. i was useing sculches plant food at the start and stoped a few days ago and now i noticeing these rusty colors as for the light its just fluros there about an inch and a half away from the babys hoppfuly this rusty stuff will go away do think it will go away ?or cover my whole plant?
  4. most likely it will not spread if you stop using the fert and flush the pot through until it starts to come out the bottom, it will most prob allways be on that one leaf as it's allready burned........Peace out....Sid
  5. i agree with sid ... flush it ... remember to use lots of water ...
  6. yea the same thing happened to mine but it was because of the lamp. 250w bulb but im not sure how close it should be.

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