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  1. i'm writing a thesis and am in need of some opinions on some topics, if you can provide something worthwhile, please do, if not, please don't post stupid comments like "Evolution is gay." thanks.

    topics on the board include:




    The Big Bang

    The Hollow Earth Theorem

    Human Emotion and the debate on wether or not animals feel emotion and to what extent



    Drugs (please no talk of use of anything, simply opinions on laws, foreign and domestic)

    Hitler and the Holocaust


    and Music.

    Please comment as you see fit, if you're not comfortable talking about something on the list, this is acceptable, they are topics of high controversy.
    anything you DO post would be a big help, as I said, i simply wish to gather some differing opinions and ideas. again, thank you, and PEACE:smoke:
  2. Animals definitely feel emotions. What, you think there's animals and then there's us? We are animals. We are all the same.

    Edit: ill write more when I'm on my computer tomorrow, too damn hard to type on a tab lol
  3. hey, i'm askin for opinions, i'm not doubting any of them. i have my own opinions and yes, i have seen emotion in animals. it's very easy to see worry, fear and love in common house pets
  4. evolution is so gay
  5. ur awesome dude.... thanks for the help....
  6. Cat's lack the powerful frontal lobes that allow humans to contemplate abstract feelings, basically stating that they are rather physically incapable of love.

    Yeah... totally :rolleyes:

    Also I would pick any of the first 4 topics you posted, since those seem like broad enough topics that you could easily expand on whatever idea you wanted to present.
  7. it's not for a grade, but more of a compilation on information and opinions on all of the topics i see as important enough to dig into. it's really only MY personal paper. sources aren't required, though if there are sources of fact that you have drawn your opinions from, they would be nice to know. and really the ones i'm mostly concerned about are the Hollow Earth, aliens, and death.

  8. What is your thesis for? Oh well, i'm up waiting for my wife to get off work and have a little time so here are a few of my opinions......

    Religion: It is a bane to society. It is centered on ego and coercion. It gets in the way of spirituality, humanity, and progress.

    Evolution: It's science, imho. i believe in God, but i also believe i'd have to be a fool to not see the changes that have occurred in animals and humans over time. Evolution does not preclude God. It makes him more amazing.

    Aliens: Again, i would have to be a fool to believe that in all the vastness of the KNOWN universe we are the only life-form. Spacemen with cool weapons? idk. Never seen it myself. Bacteria? More likely imho. It comes down to our ego. How egocentric is it to think we're alone in this universe?

    Big Bang: Hard for me to fathom everything in the universe being concentrated into this infinitessimal point of origin. And where did this point of origin exist? Or originate? i believe that there MUST be a higher power to all this. Did He start the Big Bang? That's the only way i can fathom that point of origin.

    Hollow Earth Theorem: i haven't studied it enough to give an educated opinion yet, but you have piqued my interest.

    Human and Animal Emotion: idk how anyone could think animals don't feel emotion. All you've got to do is sit down for an hour(enjoying a fat joint helps:smoke:) and observe nature. ALL animals feel emotion and/or pain. Is pain an emotion? No. But it elicits emotion.

    Government: One of the most necessary evils in the world. i really think that mankind has no chance for survival without government in place. We are to inhumane. TOO MUCH EGO!!! Leading to arguments. Leading to fights. Leading to wars. Government is necessary but has been warped into some kind of super-nanny, bossy, greedy, corrupt, inhumane, illogical, anti-freedom perversion of it's original purpose.

    Anarchism: ^^^^^

    Drugs: It's my body. i agree that there are many drugs out there that are harmful and even deadly. But i look at it as natural selection. If one is stupid enough to mess with meth then he won't be around for long. We have too many people for this planet to support even if we all worked together. We are too good at keeping people alive.
    My wife is a type-1 diabetic as is my mother and mother-in-law. Believe me, i don't say this lightly. 50 years ago, a child born with his brain outside his skull(spina bifida) was a stillborn for all intents and purposes. And the ethical doctor would help the process along. Now we save the childs life, and have a person with little to no quality of life. Who needs 24 hour care and will never be able to really comprehend that they are even here.
    Severe diabetics, type-1, would often die before they were adults. But now they don't. And they spread the diabetic gene. And again. And again.
    Same goes for congenital heart defects, severe deformities, neurological disorders, etc.
    Not saying i seek a perfect race or human or genetic code. Simply that we have allowed genetics to continue that would not have through natural selection.
    Back around to drugs. If they want to cut their lifespan in half, more power to them.

    Hitler and the Holocaust: Not much to say. He was one crazy MOFO. Brilliant, but crazy. What's that saying about a fine line?
    It was a tragedy that it happened. i had a great uncle that was a high-ranking SS officer. i was ashamed for years. But i didn't do that. And to be honest, the entire society went stark raving mad imho. A classical example of political propoganda controlling a population. Even to the point of inciting them perform inhumane and dastardly acts.

    Death: Well, anyone that thinks they know what it will be like needs to step away from the bong! i just try to live in such a way that when i am on my deathbed i can honestly say i have lived a good life and helped more than i've hurt.

    Music: It begins and ends here:
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hon7o8nV7s4]YouTube - PINK FLOYD - ECHOES - full[/ame]

    Sorry for the long reply, but you asked for it and all replies are my humble opinions. Hope it helps.:smoke:
  9. OMG!!! I LOVE YOU!!! this is exactly the kinds of responses i was looking for. thank you SO MUCH! if i could like this post more, i would. i have to say, you have some very strong opinions and some ideas i hadn't even thought about. to answer your initial question, however, this isn't so much a thesis as it is a manifesto. simply a collection of ideas on several topics that i may use to look back upon and may use some of what i write for something in college over the next few years. but I'm trying to piece together a giant document for my own personal ... i wanna call it a perversion, or an obsession... idk. i enjoy knowdledge and i think that no one has a wrong answer. i studied religions for 2 years and came to my own personal conclusion that no matter the road you take, the goal is the same and it's the journey you make and the life you live. but now i want to apply that to all of these ideas. i just want to explore the vastness of knowdledge displayed in the human mind however subconscience it may be. and on a lesser note, i wanna put my thoughts together to see if others can read it and follow along and i wanna know how many other people think the same things. i think some weird shit. i just wanna see who's with me.
  10. and sorry for the huge quote.... i shoulda cut that down but it's 4 in the morning here and i'm hella headblown. my bad. PEACE
  11. also, just a quick start if ur lookin for somewhere to start on the Hollow Earth idea, here's this site: The Hollow Earth

    I enjoyed some of this stuff. some of it is backed by NASA, but everything here is simply POSSIBLE proof of a simply THEORY none of this is set in stone, but it's definately NOT a new idea..

  12. Evolution is gay.
  13. really? if u don't have something worthwhile, get the fuck off this post. you people who post shit like this when i made it clear that i'm looking for some legitimate help, are the reason I've begun to give up on humanity... thanks for proving that we really are all pieces of shit who can't follow simple laws of respect.
  14. This is why too many laws that infringe upon our civil liberties are bad ideas. The human soul yearns to be free. He may not want to go around saying "evolution is gay", but dammit if he's not tempted after a specific rule is put into place preventing the phrase from being said. ;)
  15. i hadn't thought about it that way, but that's a damn good point
  16. "DON'T DO DRUGS!!!" :rolleyes::p;):smoke:
  17. let's all do drugs now!!! hahaha

  18. haha, you would have a point, only doing drugs can potentially harm the individual. Saying "evolution is gay"...not so much:p;):D:smoke:
  19. Yeah, but then we get into legislating common sense and morality.

  20. Right, haha....

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