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    I'm trying to get into Computer Gaming. But, I don't know a lot about computer or what i kind I'd need to buy, ect. I know the words like Ram, but i don't exactly know what that means. :eek:

    I don't know if this matters, but I Like RPG's like Fallout, Elder Scrolls, shit like that. So that's what i would be playing. And the reason i wanted to get into Computer gaming, was for the mods and other things i just can't do on my Xbox.

    Can someone point me in the right direction, for what computer i should look into?

    EDIT: Also i'd like to try out Flight Simulators.
  2. I would stay away from computer games.

    They waste the time in your life you could have been making memories.

  3. Lol what are you doing on the computer right now then? :hello:

    newegg.com is best place for computer shit IMO

    there is also tigerdirect.com

    im guessing you aren't going to build your own PC considering you don't even know what ram is.

    Whats your budget?

    Depending on that, for processors AMD is cheaper and Intel is more powerful.

    Your going to need a Graphics card to play most games, so id say drop about 150$ on one of those atleast. GTX 550 ti can play basically anything and isnt too expensive.
  4. yeah newegg ^^ AMD processors will do you fine. there is no need to compare intel vs amd in my opinion. highly suggest you get a 1 - 2 gig graphics card if you plan to play skyrim or anything like that. at least get 4 - 8 gigs of ram " memory " since games like skyrim take up so much computer memory. but shit... it also depends on your budget and how much you want to spend. what I just suggested could run you about 700+. you could just buy the parts and build yourself its not that hard. look for cheap prices and deals. fuck bestbuy. if you're near a frys electronic go there. they also have deals.
  5. I'd only have like 800 Bucks to spend. I don't know if that'd get me much. :confused_2:

    I don't really think i would have the knowledge to build my own computer. That's why i was wondering if anyone sold like a not that expensive desk top that is ready for game play.
  6. Oh dude check out ibuypower dot com. Pretty good gaming computers for under 800
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    800 should be fine man, id go AMD, 8 GB ram and 2GB GPU just as zowie said.

    heres good ibuypower setupd for just about 800.

    if you dont need windows you can add that, but i took it off because idk if you got that already... its like 70$ for cheap one.

    also i left in the keyboard and mouse because they are only 3$ each... why not


  8. Thanks a ton guys.

    Is that the build your own section? Because i couldn't find it when i searched it. :confused:

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