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I need some feedback!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Boricua_33015, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. hey, Im 16, and ive been reading these forums for about 5 months, but this is my first time actually posting. Well anywayz, I have been smokin marijuana for a little less than a year and a half. I usually smoke reggies like every other day and smoke chronic like once every 2 weeks.

    Now, when I started smokin everything wuz all good, I would get high az hell, ya kno and it would be great. Then one day, I had a joint that got fucked UP like crazy. So much that I wuz paranoid that I wuz going to die because it felt like my heartrate wuz going really fast and shit and hearing my heartbeat going fast comin from my chest, so I just layed down and had to ride that shit out. This wuz about my 15th time smoking weed.

    Ever since that day, when I smoke, I would get paranoid like crazy. Whenever I would smoke with my freinds, I used to talk alot, but now I just stay quiet because I would get so paranoid that I think I would say something stupid or do something stupid az hell and I would just be all nervous and shit about everything. AND I HATE IT!! and I cant stop being all nervous. The only time I wouldnt be nervous is if I smoke by myself. BUt why do I get so nervous and paranoid now? Do u think that ever since that day that I got really fucked up, that it has affected me the way I get high? Give me some advice to just lighten up and help me be in a happier state of mind when Im high.

    Another question, pertaining to drug tests. My dad also smokes weed, just about 3 joints a day. So my dad lets me smoke. But my dad's girlfreind doesnt kno that I smoke, and since Im a minor she opposes it alot and doesnt want me to smoke. So shes making me take a drug test for assurance that I dont smoke. So my dad covers up for me and buys me a drink to rid of the toxins so I can pass the test. ANd here I am, I already have taken the drink, and have followed all the instructions and everything. And it says that when I take a piss the first 2 or 3 times after I consumed the drink and a couple of glasses of water, that my urine will be more yellowish than usual. Well, I have taken a piss already, and there was no change in the color of my urine. THIS IS GETTING ME REALLY MAD. I sure hope that the drink has worked. So im just waiting right now till I take the drug test, then Ill see if it really worked or not.

    Ok, another question..... it says in the instructions to not to take in any toxins or any medications 48 hours before the deadline. I have done so and avoided all toxins and all medications. The only thing I have done is smoke cigarettes.(yea I kno i shouldnt smoke squares, but I like that little 3 to 5 minute buzz that it gives me). My question is, are cigarettes/tobacco considered a toxin also? and could it have affected the potential of the drink?

    ur feedback will be greatly appreciated. Thanx alot, yo this board iz tha funk!! Ull see me posting here alot more often.

    till then, peace out!!!

    what does "kb" mean?
  2. plz don't post the same thing twice in different places


    -feels special-

  3. well, I've found that when smoking become more like yourself. So whatever attitude you go in with it will just be magnified. If you are nervous of saying stupid things when your high, you very well will get paranoid about it when you are actually high so my advice would be only to smoke up with people you are completely comfortable with. That way you won't care if you say stupid things, in fact, I say and do the stupidist things when I'm high and I'm constantly getting laughed at but I've learned that it's really quite funny because when I sober up I can laugh at myself too.
    The trick to weed for me is to know when and where I can do it comfortably. I'm not a social person naturally so I can't smoke up at parties where i don't know alot of people because I just keep to myself and have no fun. I also can't smoke up when I'm around anyone i am infatuated with (thank god I'm no longer suffering from that) because then I just worry the entire time about saying something rediculous. I firmly believe that weed is something not to be used whenever wherever but to be used at the appropriate time and place where it can be enjoyed to its fullest potential.
  4. sounds like you may be having panic attacks when you smoke. i never had it happen to me, but a friend of mine can't even smoke cause she freaks out all the time. JMO Good luck!! :)
  5. oops also forgot to say that you seem to have done everything right for the preparation of the drug test. hubby had to do it a couple of times for jobs, but once he smoked the night before, took the drink the next day and failed, but i think he didn't drink enough water before he took the test, anyhow back to my business.................
  6. yea it could be a panic attack, but I dont "freak out" or anything. I just keep it to myself and stay quiet and be paranoid about shit. Its like, sometimes when Im chill smokin wit ma boys, i juss want to juss fukin get out the place that we at and just chill by myself and enjoy my high. I dunno, yea i guess it could also be the people I chill wit. Im cool wit all them , they down az fuk, but still I get that way. Ive only known them for a lil while like maybe a year or so becuz I had just moved to the area that Im in and we aint az close az we wouldve been if we had known each other for longer. Also, if Im with a girl, that paranoia REALLY intensifies, so much that if they say sumthing to me, I would just nod or something, or when I talk it would come out all wrong an shit. I dunno, juss wuteva.....

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