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I need some anwsers

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Blazing Leaf, Sep 10, 2009.

  1. im 18 and my highschool as random drug testing and I've bin smoking since december then it came daily kinda like in the summer I just smoked abit yesterday too but not much just like a bowl how long you think it will be intill Ill be clean? :wave:
  2. probably a month
  3. the psychoactive ingredients in MJ can last in the human system for a month or even more depending on your level of intake.
  4. fuck alright i guess thanks for the help..
  5. RANDOM DRUG TESTING AT A HIGH SCHOOL?!?!?! are you from China?
  6. The amount of fat your body has also contributes to the length of time you'll have THC in your system. Some people that have little to no fat can take the test the morning after they smoked. Some people that way 250 have to wait a month or more to get it out of their system.
  7. im like 130 pounds 5'7 yeah nah Im in the Us btw :mad:
  8. If you can, deny the drug test. What you do on your spare time outside of school has nothing to do with what you do during or at school. Or read the how to pass a drug test sticky at the top of the apprentice section.
  9. actually its not the psychoactive ingredient that stays in your body that long, its a chemical thats left after your body processes the thc and shit and this is what they test for, not actually testing for thc (even though thats what is stated). if they tested for thc they would be able to have a good idea of how stoned you were at the time.
  10. There would be massive retaliation if they started doing random drug tests here. That or half of the school would be expelled. Haha.
  11. You sure about that? As far as I know it's the metabolites of the psychoactive (and non psychoactive) substances that get stored in your fat.

    Either way your right, could be a month or more, depending.

    Edit: akbluntz you beat me. I was gettin a beer man...
  12. haha thats why you keep them in a fridge right next to you
  13. you cant deny your parents have to sign the drug test and u have to be random drug tested if you want to do a sport or park on school grounds :( if i drank a 24 pack of green tea and took sum b12 (or whatever that stuff is) and nician think ill be alright? in a week
  14. If you're over 18 your parents don't have to sign for anything, and you gotta be over 18 to be a member on this website, so i'm
  15. i doubt your school will drug test you individually. With the way the economy is school systems can't afford drug tests for all the students. They are probably saying this to scare you. i would believe they might have police dogs come sniff around your school. That's what they did when i was in high school.
  16. yeah. but i got ti signed last year which i was 17. and anyone who wants to do a sport or anything will be random tested and yes its random by computer. You only got to get it signed once. its really gay :(
  17. Im sure you can go to the office and revoke it...

    And, if you want to play sports man up and dont smoke...
  18. no duh.. im saying I need to get clean fast as in drinking a 24 pack or green tea and taking b-12 or w/e tht is and stuff will i be clean in like 2 weeeks or less?
  19. i heard niacin works
  20. They wouldn't drug test you unless you were in a private school, which there, your parents pay for the drug test, or you do.

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