I Need Some Answers !!! Plz!!!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by pyrotec420, May 25, 2003.

  1. alright i got a bit of a problem here i have no clue wat im doing wrong i put about 20 seeds in between like 6 paper towels and after about 3-4 days this mold sort of shit started to apear on the paper towels wat the fuck is goin on?!? i have no clue wat im doing wrong im doing exactly everything ive read off here and other people ...someone plz explain it to me thank u very much!!! later stoner friends!
  2. HIGH All, I don't do the paper towel method...but I'm guessing you had too many seeds together and some were touching one and another which caused the mold to appear.
  3. I do the papertowel meathod and ive seen what your talking about, i get it when i germ under lights (bad idea) its the same theory as keeping your hydro water dark to stop alge.

    I get %75 germination using the papertowel meathod by puting it behind my computer where its dark, it never gets above 100* or below 85* because the computer temp is almost constant. i put the towels in a dish and place a piece of plantic on top to allow some heat to be heald in but allow a gap for ventilation.
  4. Mold appears because of the humid environment and the long period,.....your 3-4 days.

    Make sure your seeds are really really REALLY warm and they will germinate. Put the little container under a warm lamp or on a warm appliance (heater, water heater, frig motor, etc, or if its sunny put it on your window ledge.

    I had the same problem. Added heat......bam nearly 100% germination.
  5. trust me its from the light how can mold grow with no light? I have a towel with one seed going and the towel has been wet for over a week because i used it for 2 batches. Its in the dark and i havent seen the firts sign of mold. The only seeds that dont grow are the ones that are either hollow or the plant is brown inside after i crack it open. Dont use light and allow it to penetrate.

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