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  1. Ok GC, well recently my parents hired a construction company to build a summer home out in a pretty non populated part of PC. The people around us are farmers, so its a few farm houses, with massive fields. And theres tons of areas to explore on my dirtbike, now, there also happens to be a service road that goes on for i think 30-60km. I only discovered this road towards the end of the summer, which was when I stopped owning the dirtbike so I wasn't able to explore for that long, and I didn't want to go that far away with no one, and no food, and no spare gas. However I did notice something, there were torn down trees that looked like it may have been covering a path ( or they may have just fallen down. This is a service road thats hardly ever used. I really doubt people go on it. I think I was the first person to go on it in months. There were no tracks or anything. Anyways I decided to check it out a bit, and I noticed that there was in fact a trail behind it.

    I thought nothing of it, but thought that maybe there was a grow op, or something really cool or fucked up that I wasn't supposed to see. Now I left it at that, but 30 mintues ago, I decided to use google maps with satellite images to explore the area because the snow is starting to melt. I'm also supposed to be going there soon and thought I should scout out the place. I found the same road, and followed it.... and guess what, at the very end of the road theres a clearing, and a structure of some sort. You can see its raised off the ground, and theres a shadow cast by it.

    Now I have a few things that I want to do:
    1) I really really want to check this place out. And I'm going to, nothings stopping me
    2) I will take photos, and video tape incase anything fucked up does happen. Its in redneck town ( yes I'm being a bit racist, but I'm city folk, and in these parts its legit red necks, i've been stared down a couple times ).

    Here are my concerns:
    1) its on a road, thats connected to a service road which no one is supposed to use
    2) Its in the middle of nowhere, perfect place to hide something because no one will ever go. Heck I didn't even bother to look into it until 6 months later, and only because I want to check it out.
    3) The path had torn downs trees infront of it which means a) its being concealed or b) they just fell down and no one bothered to take em away

    Now I really don't know if I should do this alone. I preffer functioning on my own, and exploring on my own. But this is different, there is something im either not supposed to see, or its just really stupid. My safety could possibly be at risk, so I would like to have someone with me incase something fucked up does happen. Also, its in the middle of nowhere, sorrounded by kilometers of trees. If there were to be fucked up people there. I would be fucked by my self. I also wouldn't take my motorcycle there, probably wouldn't go on the service road with it, don't want to alarm anyone to my presence.

    Now theres a few possible outcomes and I have to think of a solution for some:
    1) There turns out to be nothing, except a house thats probably used by government services for storage, or some building built in the middle of fuck no where, for a fuck of a reason
    2) Its nothing important to me, or of any value except the owner
    3) its nothing and just a large rock
    4) nothing at all
    5) Its a grow op, or some other fucked shit ( not saying growing is fucked shit ), and maybe its owned by crazy red neck hicks, or possible the hell's angel. And maybe the people who own said fucked up shit are there on that day. I need a solution for this. I'm thinking I say, "Look I don't want any trouble, I'm here on summer vacation, I saw the road that looked concealed last summer, and thought it would be cool to check it out. I really don't want any trouble and I won't mention this to anyone."
    Of course that would probably work if its a grow op, I'd have weed on hand to show them that I partake, and would probably blaze them up. But they would see that I like weed, and know theres a PHAT grow up just chilling there, so they would kill me cause they don't want their shit stolen. Or maybe i'd work for them LOL

    so GC, I need some help. Either way I'm exploring this but I just want advice on how I should go about this.

    Also should I bring a weapon of some sort? I'm thinking baseball bat, bb gun, and bear spray.
  2. Also, theres what looks like another road, coming off from the house that goes off into another clearing, but the clearing is longer and skinnier ( grow op location? )
  3. Go with a friend and a weapon.

    Look but don't touch anything... You never know what's up.

  4. Ok, if I can't have a friend come along, You think I should still go? Odds are its nothing
  5. Yeah you should still go, just tell somebody where.

    In case the nothing has eyes. :smoke:
  6. Lol yea, I would definately tell my parents where I was going.
    Man I can't wait to get check this out, I may grab my bicycle and just fucking bike up there when I go there in 3 weeks. I just can't wait to check it out.
    Maybe its an abandoned grow op, thats thriving hahaha :smoke:
    Although the ride would be a bitch.
  7. What are you planning on stealing their herb? :devious:
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    Well since theres a structure there I would be able to tell if it well kept ( means that theres people living there, or visiting frequently. If its a shit hole then it would be safe to assume that whats there has no owner ( hopefully, maybe the just don't give a fuck about the structure ). If there is a grow op, and it looks well kept and not abandoned, then I'd leave it the fuck alone, and get the fuck out faster then superman when he time travels.

    However, if the structure was abandoned, I don't know if I'd have the balls to check it out by myself. I don't even know if I'd want to go near it. If I was getting fucked up vibes I would peace very fast. but then I'm in the middle of nowhere, by myself, with a fucking up looking house giving me scary vibes. Or maybe its the golden whore house of atlantis with the finest, cleanest whores in the world

    If there was a grow op, and it had very few plants, sparsely placed, and that didn't look like they were look after, I'd probably take it and gtfo faster then superman when he time travels.

    Also I'd look to see if the area looked well used. IE any shit spots, piss smells, tire tracks, garbage. If any garbage, does the garbage look recent. Anything that indicates human activity
  9. You know how those horror movies start off.

    Curious kids wandering around the country & places unseen or heard of, void of humanity, dilapidated buildings & things... Just sayin'.

  10. Exactly yo. It may just be my paranoid self, but it is in the middle of nowhere, and it seems like a really odd place to put a a structure, and especially the trees infront of the road? Your not even supposed to be on the service road really. Its not illegal, but theres a sign ( I don't remember what it looks like, but I'm pretty sure its a BC Gov't sign ) and i'm paraphrasing, "Don't use the road, its is for emergency personal and it isn't maintained" I also think encourages you to not use it.
  11. I personally think you should go with a friend.or two. And of course a weapon of some sort for protection. Let us know what it was and if.possible some pictures !
  12. Why are you so sure its a grow op?

    Honestly thats a long shot of a possibility.

    Im thinking its some sort of abandoned government installation (not military)

    If this is the case, dont bring anything that looks like a gun.
  13. Idk, false hopes I guess.
    I hope it is, maybe some crazy government shit is over there.
    So just bear mace and keep it concealed in my pocket
  14. your threads are always so long
  15. yeah no bb gun, because someone will shoot you for real.

    it's probably just a tool shed... or an old ass government building... just be warned, you could be stumbling upon the workshop of the local serial killer... i think you should bring the bear mace
  16. hey dude what part of BC do you live in? do you live on Vancouver island? or is this house in like uhm fuck whats it called Williams lake? you can pm if you dont wonna put it over the internet publicly and if you dont want to tell me at all that cool to. but dont go with any sort of gun or real weapons.
  17. Just came off from reading you ass-man cannabutter adventures, now your gonna go off to some hidden site in the middle of nowhere which you re affirmed by Google earth....................It's probably Usama's other hidden compound......

  18. lol one wacky weekend

  19. because theres lots of detail to it.
  20. Do it man, you only live once.

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