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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Brick Squad, May 16, 2010.

  1. Sup GC, I'm 18, and don't have a job, so when I buy bud, I don't like to get fucking skeeted.
    I usually smoke with my friends but whenever we try to buy a sack of reggie (thats what i usually smoke) its either really shitty mexican brick, or sometimes its off by like .5 or a gram. When I buy dank though, it seems to be straight, but i dont have money to keep buying 20 a gram. Why the fuck can't people just sell straight sacks of decent bud? because half of the dealers where i live are fucking 14 year old kids that get skeeted, and skeet others when they sell, thinking that theyre gonna make profit. This is a serious question, is there a website or forum where you can meet other people that can sell you bud straight or hooked up? I know it sounds ignorant but there has to be a way to start buying decent bud, straight off the scale, from people that arent dicks. I'm just tired of having to buy fucking 20 a gram because reggie is usually skeet and when i buy a gram of dank i try to make it last like 2 or 3 days buy smoking small bowls every day outta my homemade piece. I've thought about growing but it's not even possible I live at home still and my parents are very anti-weed sooo it wouldnt even work.

  2. Network.
  3. start to personal message ppl here once u fid some1 that lives by u buy from them just make sure ur 18

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