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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by stevebruser424, May 27, 2004.

  1. this plant has never been indoors, ok first i put about 20 seeds in a pot (bad) about 2 feet deep and a foot across. then i watered them and warpped the top with saran wrap and wraped a rubberband around the plant, until they sprouted. i then had about 9 plants. So i had to transplant, then i put 2 in one pot, 1 in another and left 3 in the original i now have 6 because 3 died, i dont know why maybe because they were limited in space, but then the 1 i transplanted is 5 inches tall, the other 2 are about 4 inches and the three i left is about 4 inches since they have been out of the ground for about a month are they growing slowly i have also fertalized them, and i will need to be transplanting because i should only have one in each pot because then they will become root bound
  2. jus repot asap, they are already competing for space.
  3. instead of transplanting all the plants were way to close together at the roots and stems they were right next to eachother touching so i just took out all the smallest weakest and must unhealthy plants out and got rid of them.
  4. hey i need help too, i live in arizona and as u might know its a desert out here. I have a certain "illegal" book that teaches u everything about pot and stuff but it says nothing about growing it outdoors in the desert. I have 40 acres here and its far far far far away from any civilization what so ever and i want to grow like 5 or 6 plants (thats all my dad gave me permission to do) (yes i'm 19 still living w/ mom and dad) but i need help growing it outside. Oh and i have all the chemicals it takes to make a hydrophonics lab ;) and my friend was in FFA (future farmers of america) but i just need all the advice i can get cuz i wanna be well prepared.
  5. dig a hole and burry 5 gal pots and put a 4" layer of sand on top. either water often or have a drip or soaker hose irrigation.
  6. put the sand on top of the plants? and do i put the seeds directly in the ground or wait till they start to sprout?
  7. ^^^^

    good plan but maybe even a shade tarp in the middle of summer wouldnt hurt
  8. oh how many seeds per pot and how many pots for 6 seeds?
  9. I ment transplant plants into the 5 gal pots, you cant plant seedlings under 4" of sand. I'd put one per pot so you dont need to water as much.
  10. do they need shade and sun all shade or all sun? this is seriously the desert nothing grows except cactus and tumbleweeds :(
  11. If you water them enough they should be ok but you could buy a shade net to put over em.

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