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  1. ok here is the thing only one of friends smoke and the rest dont.....i do smoke every once in a while.....anyways my friend who smokes is cool but my family found out he does and they dont like me being around him and yah....so anyways all my other friends are ANTI DRUG except one who is thinking about it but is extremly afraid he would get caught (this isnt the point about him getting caught or not)....so im kindy stuck and i dont like smoking by my self its no fun....so anyways my friend who is thinking about it doesnt want to go with me to smoke....what i mean by that is i want him to go with me while i go to my dealers house to do it....i told him i wouldnt pressure him into doing it with me (but he is welcome to do it) and i just needed him to go with me other wise well yah i really would have much fun at all...so he is considering going with me but i have will have to pressure him into going.....the reason i have to pressure him is another friend is trying to tell him to never do it and tells me if i ever do it around him he will call the cops and that kind of bullshit....so here is my question should i pessure him into going with me (not smoking) or should i let him make his own decision (which actually means to be swayed by our other friend and never do it)?????

    i dont know some nights after talking to our other friend he completly sides with me and other times he says he will go with me and actually do it as soon as school is out (random drug tests is why he says that part)

    and one thing that pisses me off and is why im leaning toward pressuring him into going is the other kid who is pressuring into not going/doing has never done it himself and has no bad expierences with it at all he is just an anti drug douche

    oh and the rest of my friends arnt even considering so this is my only chance to get someone to go with me/smoke with me
  2. i dont think you should PRESSURE him into smoking weed.
    that would be a DICK move, in my opinion.
    i think you should let him decide that he wants to smoke it on his own.
  3. First off with the name "seanmac93" guessing that 1993 is your birthday?> Youve gotta be 15 or 16, your underage.

    second off - if your parents tell you who and who not to hang out with, your definatly under 18.

    So get off these damn forums, and go watch tv kid.

    ^^Im tired of all these f***kng kids coming on here, with idiotic questions.

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