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i need some advice

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by HerbieWhitmore, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. I've been smoking weed for about the past 3 months every day non stop, with maybe a couple days not high. I popped some pills during that time too. Now I have quit, its been a couple days now. I've been feeling nauseous, exhausted, and my appetite has been lost.
    Anyone know how long this 'sickness' is gonna stop?
  2. *last
    not stop
  3. have you popped pills everyday for the past 3 months also or just a couple days...? if for the past 3 months then its withdrawals probably and you will stay like that for anywhere from a couple days to a couple weeks..if it was only that couple days then its prlly not the pills.
  4. well i popped for maybe a week straight, and then another again. I had an od from pills, and threw up and was sick for the remainder of the day. So i'm guessing they're withdrawal symptoms?
  5. Quit smoking weed or popping pills.

    And wat kind of pills?
  6. i had mainly hydros and percs.
    I'm definitely off all drugs, but I'm just curious to when this little sickness will go away
  7. You're brain was used to all the drugs. Now that's gonna cause some problems to your brain.

    Could last a week.
    Could last a couple months.

    Maybe you shouldn't have stopped cold turkey.
  8. fuck, i just don't wanna come off this a completely different person than before i started blazing it up.
    psychologically and physiologically, will i turn out ok? hopefully
  9. your doomed.
  10. Don't listen to these guys, i've been in a similar situation to yours...kinda.

    I used to be an opiate addict....and the best way to stop opiates is to slowly stop. The chance of you actually getting brain damage is slim, but the reason you should stop slowly is the withdrawal symptons. I literally shit myself twice because opiates constipate you, and you basically feel like shit. But, it only lasted a few weeks, and since you weren't technically addicted, your withdrawal should only last a week or two at the most. Don't worry man, tough it out....the pills aren't worth it.
  11. The symptoms you gave in the OP could very been solely from stopping blazing, and may have nothing to do with the pills. Whenever I go on a tolerance break from weed (1 week off cold turkey, normally blaze 5+times daily), I feel nauseous, sick, get cold and hot sweats, and lose my appetite for about 3 days. Just drink water and exercise, try and keep busy. It'll will fade as the days go by.
  12. thanks dkong and apassion
    what you said dkong is exactly what im going through and this is my third day off or so
    sucks to exercise, i used to be into water polo and im out of shape
    im supposed to play in college too so i need to step back up
  13. man I had the same problem near the end of last semester. I took a decent amount of hydros for a couple of months and when I quit taking them I felt like shit (usually in the morning) for a couple of weeks. I feel much better now (this was like December). Just hang in there and it should get better with time. I didn't quit blazing though:smoke:.

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