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I need some advice please

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Heavy Metal 1, Aug 23, 2008.

  1. I found some herb and tried it again for the first time in decades. It is just wonderful on my back pain & spasms however it gives me anxiety! I have a little one-hitter that I use; I don't even fill that full. I spark it up and it kills the back pain, but I get the heebie jeebies. It seems to have a potent energizing effect which is not what I want because I want to use it in the evenings to just relax & kill my pain. I have no idea what strain this herb is, but this stuff seems significantly stronger than the stuff I had been exposed to in college in the 70's. My home environment is safe, no worries there, so my "setting" is cool. Why do I suffer the anxiety? Is there a particular strain of weed that will kill my pain, but not give me the creeps?
  2. There are a million and one strains out there. my advice would be to find a quality dealer who is a cool guy or find someone who is a marijuana connoisseur, they will be able to tell you the strains and so on so forth. I've had some stuff that makes me antsy and i cant sit down for a few hours and then I've had other stuff where if i sit down guaranteed i'm snoring in 10 minutes. I believe another part of it is psychological, the "paranoia" of doing something illegal might not bother you much, but some people subconsciously have a hard time getting over that hump.

    Anyway....... if it helps your back, depending where you live check out the medical marijuana laws in your state.. has a lot of info
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    You likely got a sativa dominant hybrid- kids like it for partying. What you want to ask for is a "couch-lock" type indica. They work much better for pain. You may want to cut it with herbs such as skullcap or hops (health food store)- both are calming. Or you can use any mint or even oregano or parsley!

    Also for backache, eating often helps more than smoking, but is FAR slower to come on (1 to 4 hours- so wait on that second brownie- lol- I speak from experience!). But the pain relief goes on for 5 -6 hours or more. I make low powered "magic muffins" for my hubby. I eat them too, just enough for a nice buzz, but he feels so much better! Run a search here or any cannabis site on recipes. "Firecrackers" are easy- just use a sugar-less peanut butter (like Adam's).

    Speaking of other sites- you might also enjoy are formerly had a tone similar to GC, but is now going medical; nice little Canadian MMJ site, older crowd; international more cosmopolitan, large. I really like "running (on line) with the kids", but sometimes I need adults, too! ;)

    Look into getting a vaporizer- I'd recommend a Vapor Brothers- not too pricey, and good quality. The identical-looking knock-offs are NOT as good quality, in my experience. With a vape you get less odor, you need less, no combustion byproducts, MUCH easier on the lungs than smoking(!), you can walk away in mid vape- come back 10 minutes later and not lose a bit of THC, and I make my "magic muffins" with the duff (+ a bit of bud)- you can get high twice off the same pot (and at today's prices...)! What's not to love! :D

    And for a bit of an education, hit the link in my sig- your jaw is going to drop! :eek:

    - Granny :wave:

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