I need some advice ? Panic weed panic weed!!!!!

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  1. Ok so I've been smoking weed for about 4 years and was a huuuuuuuge stoner and smoked weed all day everyday. But now all of a sudden I get these weird panic attacks and have been getting them for the past I dunno 6 months only when I smoke weed.

    Well actually at first when I started getting a discomfort in my chest I ignored it and kept blazing then it got worse and I got really bad chest pains, my left arm would go numb, then even when I wasn't stoned I'd get chest pains and have gotten tested like 5 times for heart problems or anything and the doctors can't tell me anything. I took maybe 3 hits from my pipe last night wasn't even stoned and within five minutes I started panicking like my heart was racing and my left arm started jolting in radiating pain.. I dunno why all of a sudden I get panic attacks when I toke up and how to prevent or stop them ...?

    If anyone has experienced this or knows how to stop these or any advice please help.
  2. I dunno man.
    I'd stop smoking if that shit was happenin' to me.
  3. Go to the doctor, we don't know shit.
  4. I went through this after taking a 5 day T break going from Colorado to sea level (elevation fucked me too) and facing 8 blunts of Pineapple Express. I had horrible panic attacks for 6 months after even WITHOUT smoking that WHOLE time. I went to the doctor a billion times as did you... they found nothing. I had the same weird arm tingle and chest pain. I felt like I was going to collapse over dead any sec.

    Just chill, man. It all works out.
  5. sounds like aids
  6. paranoia/anxiety. had that for about a 6 month period after i took like a half year break from weed and did unmentionables then came back.

    hate to say it, but once you have that first anxiety attack, it sorta colors the rest of your highs.

    focus on relaxation, breathing, and thinking techniqes.

    there's a bunch of tips and such for anxiety/paranoia on the internet, just look them up. PM me if you want
  7. i've had that happen too. i was chillin at a freind's house and my left arm started tingling and pulsing, almost like an early sign of a heart attack..

    however....crazy thought....could it be your lymphatic system?
    if the sensations felt anything like mine, you would have felt the pulsing pain in something that felt like veins. i'm wondering if it was just your lymph nodes going nuts?
  8. Smoke less bowls. When i smoke too much at once my high gets very uncomfortable.
  9. sounds like that legal spice shit, not weed. start smokign real weed youll be aight. keep smokin that fake shit and youll die.

  10. uhhhhh seriously? haha it's textbook paranoia/anxiety, which isnt uncommon for normal marijuana
  11. Try to find the source of the panic attack.

    See where it's coming from.

    Is it from your work?

    Is it from your bf/gf?

    What is it? Where is it coming from?

  12. yea that's what i'm saying, weed cannot cause a panic attack by itself.

    if you are prone to it, it will bring it out.

    so like you said, if you are stressed, depressed, have anxiety issues, then it will simply enhance it and it will be likely that you will get paranoid, anxious, or even dysphoric
  13. The OP needs to think about what's really bugging him/her.

    Is his/her gf/bf giving him/her a hard time?

    Did he/she just get fired from work?

    Did his/her parents just got divorced?
  14. I totally see what all you guys are talking about thanks for the advice.
    I know the reason they are worse than before but it doesn't make sense that I didn't get an attack a couple weeks ago when tried andi smoked a joint with someone and then last night I took three little hits and panicked I think I just gotta do stuff when I blaze so that I'm not thinking too much. I'll get attacks even after one hit sometimes...

    I know I have post traumatic stress due to the fact I got hit by a truck as a pedestrian lol but I had these panic attacks before my accident. And when I went to lil waynes concert I smoked two joints and felt fine, and on 420 I couldn't blaze cause I had a collapsed lung so I ate brownies and felt absolutely stoned ( I was also on percocets) but no panic attacks and that was two weeks after my accident and the concert was like 3 weeks after.

    I dunno my doctors aren't much help I've had Heart tests, blood tests, and every other test lol. And my old boss from work was a paramedic coincidence lol but at work I had a major panic attack and she toughtni was gonna have a heart attack cause my pupils wouldn't constrict andi didn't even toke up that day so they called the ambulance and they couldn't find anything wrong with me.

    And btw I don't smoke spice whatever you call it I smoke herb, Kush, and hash.

    Also I'm wondering if doing other drugs in the past has affected the way my body reacts to weed now cause I'd only ever get that panicky painful chest and arm pains on blow so I quit and ever since I quit weed would do the same thing.
  15. Stay away from sativa for now, just try indica. How old are you ?

  16. yea man, stimulants like blow are horrible for anxiety. you need to stop that
  17. Of course finding the source will be very difficult, as it is usually hidden deep inside the mind.

    And mind can be a tricky thing to pick...
  18. That is weird you are actually having pain. Just sit down in a relaxed environment when your smoking (try to stay away from party or public scenarios) and smoke some really really heavy indica. Like not a grain (leaf?) of sativa in their. Have a friend around to keep you calm. If you start freaking out, tell him, and he will tell you there is nothing to be afraid of. Have something to distract you as well. I would suggest south park or half baked on TV.

    In my experience if someone has a really good time high, they can slowly ease themselves out of the environment i previously described until they can smoke higher sativa level weed and in different settings. Good luck man, and I would suggest you just stop smoking the herb if it's still happening.
  19. is somebody else using your pipe?
    if so it may be possible that their smoking things other than weed in it
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    I'm 18, I know the difference in like effects of sativa and indica but I don't know the different in like types and by looking at them and majority of my dealers probably don't know cause they get it from the city and I don't think they ask... All they ask is if it has a name ie. Purple Kush og Kush sour diesel ect...

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