i need some advice on pipes

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  1. with christmas coming around, im trying to find some decent pipes online cheap... i did support my local glass blower, but he has moved. of course i google'd my desire and came across this place... Chunky Glass Pipes Water Pipes | 420 Glass Pipe Cleaner Cheap HeadShop

    the prices are right, and the pieces are pretty sweet in my book and exactly what im looking for. except when i started to find reviews on chunky glass it was like a 50/50 mix of great and not so great. however the most recent review i could find was in 2008.

    has anyone ordered from chunky recently?

    can anyone link me to a reputable site that delivers to the US of A?
  2. gogowholesale.com
  3. awesome site!!... thanks!!
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    Christmas is coming?
  5. hahaha! im excited, christmas is the best!
  6. They dont have alot, but there as cheap as hell
  7. haha, funny you posted, i just got a pipe from them today. cheap (3.25) and excellent (packed to perfection) fast shipping (ordered friday night got today!!)

    the bowl i ordered was 20 bucks it is the 12 inch long bowl.. and to be honest after i ordered i was expecting to get at best an average gas station level glass pipe. but this pipe is easily the best glass bowl i paid 23 dollars for, i dont want to give it away, even though its cheesy!

    so yeah thank you!!!!

  8. no problem bro

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