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  1. <blockquote class="">Ok guys, so before I ask for assistance I wanted to let you know what I am working with for my first grow.

    Secret Jardin DR120 (48” x 48” x 72”)

    (5) Bomb Seeds-THC Bomb (Feminized) 

    SOIL MIX: 
    Fox Farm Ocean Forest (2/3)
    Fox Farm Light Warrior (1/3)
    Lime (1 Tablespoon/gallon of soil)

    Fox Farm Open Sesame (granular)
    Fox Farm Beastie Bloomz (granular)
    Fox Farm Cha Ching (granular)
    Fox Farm Big Bloom (liquid)
    Fox Farm Grow Big (liquid)
    Fox Farm Tiger Bloom (liquid)

    (2) iPower 600w MH bulbs (veg)
    (2) iPower 600w HPS bulbs (flower)
    (2) 6” Air Cooled Hoods for each bulb
    (2) 600w dimmable digital electronic ballasts (50%, 75%, and 100% dim options)
    24-hour timer

    6” Vortex Exhaust Fan (450 CFM)
    4” VENTS Inline fan (105 CFM)
    iPower Carbon Filter (6” duct)
    Oscillating tower fan

    I am currently running both 600w MH bulbs, but at only 50%. As of yesterday, I had my plants around 18" from the bulbs. I decided to lower my lights and now they are at about 12" away. I left my hand under the lights for around a minute and barely felt any heat, probably because of the 50% dim. 

    I have watered twice so far, using around a gallon of water each time. (I don't think I am overwatering because this is spread out over 5 plants). For my first water I used about a third of what the FoxFarm feeding schedule says and for the second water I bumped it up to about a half of what it says. 

    My temperature has remained pretty constant at about 74 degrees fahrenheit and about 48% humidity. I think both of those numbers are pretty good. 

    I've attached picture of all five of my plants. The last one in the bunch is the only one I am concerned about. I tried getting a closer picture of that one so you guys could see what is going on. It almost looks like something has been eating at the leaves. Maybe I'm worrying too much! I think the other 4 look great, but I could be wrong. Any advice is welcome and thanks for looking !</blockquote>

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  2. When your plant sprouted how far away did you have your 600w from the pot? Just curious :smoke:

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  3. After reading here are my suggestion... If possible turn off 1 of the lights, at this stage they are still young enough to keep alive and grow with just on light system running. Keep the lights about 18-24 inches from them top as they grow you can make a judgment call on whether to go up or down. I'd run the mh at 50% until about the 3-4 node set (not including the first from seed) then crank it up saving your self money and heat build up in the beginning... As for the nutes... they are young enough to only be fed water and still survive...the soil you use also has nutes that are ready to be used... But if you are feeding according to the schedule you want to use the schedule at about 1\\4 strength. You don't want to feed full strength until youve had a chance to see how the nutes are affecting them. There's nothing worse than over fertilizing and causing huge burns and nuts lockout... Just keep in mind that the fox farm feeding schedule is sorta like an overall chart and not individualized for your specific strain... Lastly do not over water!!!! Pick up the pot and feel if its heavy... They shouldn't be drinking too much water at this stage and over watering is a bitch. I know the feed schedule wants you to water every week and feed every other week with flushes in between but sometimes you're going to notice they look watered already and might have to Skipp a watering. If it looks watered leave it alone... Try foliar feeding with a 1\\4 strength nutes mix in between watering... Hope this helps you out

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