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I need some advice from a seasoned smoker.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by israelj055, Nov 16, 2010.

  1. So either my connects for bud are locked up or they just stopped. I don't really know whats up with them it seems like they don't wanna make money or they've moved on to some other way to make money. So when you lost your connect how did you find a new one?
  2. Others might not agree with this, but I'll just peep someone out who looks like they could be a stoner. Then I just randomly ask them! Also, pay attention to who buys blunts at convenient stores, theyre likely gonna stuff them with herb that they got from SOMEWHERE am I right? Just ask! 9/10 times people are cool as shit about it!
  3. ^ I don't necessarily disagree with this but I don't think I could bring myself to do that. I am currently in the same bind as you man, it's tough. I don't know what to do at this point. Just hope someone reading this might PM with an idea ;)
  4. I've tried asking random people but usually they try to rip me off (a g for $30 or something) so I only do that if I'm real desperate.

    What I've found works the best is ask around and find someone that you're not really close with but can get weed. I always offer them a bit extra money if they don't normally sell. That way they have an incentive to sell to me, that's how I found my dealer now :)
  5. You must know people who smoke. Where do they get theirs? And I have asked random people before. It feels awkward, but if you act normal, and don't act like you're afraid or embarrassed, most people will simply say yes or no. I'm a good people watcher, and I get "feelings" about people, total strangers, before I ever hear them speak. Did you ever just get a feeling about someone? Trust that feeling, and see where it leads you. I have been browsing tobacco shops and noticed someone buying papers or blunt wraps, and approached them outside the store. Never ask someone inside someone else's establishment unless you know the owner, man. That's just for safety's sake.
  6. Nut up and go ask the random dude where to get some pot, man!
  7. Ask one of your friends that you know that smokes, and ask him the next time gets a sack from his guy to introduce you to him and get his number. that easy
  8. i wouldnt just ask random people dude.... you dont know who they could be. if you smoke you must have friends who smoke, and they have friends who smoke... just ask around dude, but not strangers
  9. When you've been toking 10+ years, they aren't random. You can tell that they toke.
  10. I don't know how it is in Atlanta, but when I lose a good connection here in Cali, I just move on to the next cannabis club.
  11. Just look for the stoners. When i was on a roadtrip i oregon i had no money but saw some stoners and asked if they had bud. They did and blazed outa my bong so i got high for free. Just try it, works every time.
  12. agreed :bongin:

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