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I need some advice for my first grow box

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by TKORH, Nov 5, 2017.

  1. Hi humble people,
    Grow room it self is 165cm x 55cm. It will have 3 plants in it.
    Right now I am planning to install 7 led bulbs (E27).
    Those are:
    3x 12w full spectrum grow lights 360lm each
    3x 20w 2700-3000K 1750lm each
    One 15w 4500k 1500lm

    Will it be enough for decent results?
    Box is painted white inside with special paint.
  2. What's your budget like? It's going to be a long 4 months from seed if you half ass it only get a few airy buds. If you cN get a grand or two to get some lights nutrients soil a fan and maybe a tent you might be able to get a half pound your first run maybe if you put the time in and research . Or you can hope for the best and get fuck all.
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  3. I could buy extra lights for few hundred euros if really needed. Also DIY is not a problem but im in europe..
    Its a old closet. I fixed and sealed it from inside, air comes in from the bottom and pumps air out from the top through the filter. Also I used anti fungal anti bacterial anti mold paint and greenhouse silicone.

    Any light recommendations?
  4. Well if you look into diy cobs or quantum boards. If your handy they might be good for you. Are you going led because the heat issues? Do you have away to control humidity and Tempureture? I would get a 24 hr temp/humidity sensor that tells you the daily highs and lows. This well help you diagnose future problems. And they are only like 20 dollars on Amazon or ebay
  5. Sry pal I'm not an led builder. That's gunna take some research bud

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