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i need some adivce on making a grow box.

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by johnnyd, Jul 21, 2003.

  1. i am gonna make a grow box and was wonderin what kind of lights i will need and will i need a fan system.
    should i paint the inside of the box.
    i am using one of those big tupperware tubs i think.

    ne info on it would be very much appreciated

  2. how many plants do you want to grow? do you kind some extra maintenence? what kind of space do you have to work with?
  3. i think i am gonna plant two or three seeds.

    i might get a bigger container but my one that i am using is about 2x2x1 ft.
  4. U need 2 fans of some sort to take cold air into the box and hot air outta the box,
    then youll need 1 more fan to move the air around inside the box,
    Computer fans or sumtin would be perfect, look around and c wot u find!
    Youll need lights, if ure gonna use flouro's then anywhere from 40w to 100w per plant is ideal, "cool whites" are good for vegging and "warm whites" are good for flowering,
    Paint the walls matt white to reflect as much light as possible to the plants,
    the smoother the paint job, the BETTER!
    Hope that helps!

    P:S: i read ure measurements and which one is height?width?depth?
  5. you could get 2 of those containers and cut out big holes in all sides of one and nestle it into another one for maintenence. and have the ventilation in the outer box. just a thought:)

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