i need smarter friends... =[

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  1. okay, so im talking to a girl about yoga, and then that led to buddhism and i go, "I'm Buddhist." and she goes, "omg! thats soooo cooool!!!" so i respond, "yeah, thats just one of the unique things about me." and she says, "yeah, I'm Italian."

    honestly, all my friends are complete jackasses. i only have like 3 friends that i cant actually talk to about sophisticated material, like art, politics, society, religion, you know, real things. and they all live like 2 hours away.
    fuck my life.
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  2. I see the problem.

    You think everyone's meant to
    be on the same wave length as you.

    Fuck your life.
  3. ur friends arent stupid
    they just arent u
    clone urself
    there ya go
    problem solved


    fuck ur life
    (thought id conform)
  4. Damn man your life really does suckz, haven't retard friendz are so hard to come by
  5. hey, whoa, tap the brakes. its not that im better than them or anything, its just, none of them are really as interested in what i am as much. its just none of them are highly intelligent. im not a genius, but i know for a fact im not a jackass.
  6. i have some friends like that. i know some pretty good looking girls that are fucking dumb. i hung out with a few of these girls once and my shirt says BOSNIA& HERCEGOVINA, where i am from. and theyre like so where you from and im like bosnian and i point at my shirt. and theyre like oh, so your names muhamed, and youre muslim, are you from iraq? WTF.

    or when i was having a very serious conversation about religions with a smart friend and were actually in depth, till one of these retards walks into conversation and goes "sweet, my friend's jewish." like wow, do you want a cookie injected with coolant?
  7. You're just jealous that you didn't consider converting to Italianism before she did.
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  8. LOL word.
  9. at least you have any friends who you can have a real conversation with...
  10. I think the conclusion is that all friends can't be everythng for everyone. Some friends are good for drinking with, playing sports, working, living, screwing, smoking, travelling, nothing, etc.
  11. i lol'd

    but uh i used to feel the same way about my friends until i realized i cant expect everyone to be like me because if they were i wouldnt like them and thats just me being honest. it's not that i hate myself i just feel the need to not think about society or religion or any of that crap once in a while and theyre there to make me laugh about simple things.
  12. None of you guys realize, noone who says fuck my life means it its a way of saying "God damn, this sucks ass"

    so chill out and stop being dicks to the guy :D

    peace :smoking:
  13. I know what you mean. D; Most people can cover the basics in things such as politics/philosophy/etc but once you go into something deeper their brain just seems to shut down to avoid a horrible destruction. Sadly the majority of people around are really simple minded and completely stupid and I feel horribly embarrassed + a deep deep sorrow for what it must be like to be them. Buddhism for instance, like you mentioned, is something I've had a problem with lately. Eastern philosophy in general really. Most people can handle the simple aspects of it but go any deeper and it's horrible. It gets REALLY bad when you delve into something like the similarities between eastern philosophies and quantum physics. Seeing connections between seemingly unrelated subjects is a big problem for most people. All of this is fine though if they have some sort of mental disability to account for what they lack in. Otherwise there's just no excuse for it and they're just plain stupid and that's it.

    More than anything though, the fact that this is how the majority is makes me extremely worried for the future of humanity. D; oh noes
  14. most of the people i hang out with are dumb as rocks thats why i come here
  15. Being a Buddhist has nothing to do with trying to be 'unique'.

    edit: oops I didn't realize that this was over a year old
  16. whoa dude. you're the only buddhist or one of an extremely rare few? no? then that's not a unique thing. yeah, you actually said that. and you think you need smarter friends...

  17. hahahahahaha
  18. I'm 18. I live in the cornbelt. I don't even live in a town. Buddhism isn't really the go-to faith here. And excuse me for expecting some to be able to differentiate between religion an nationality, my bad. Maybe you oughta buy a calendar so you can figure out how old this thread is.
  19. so you made this thread when you were 16 1/2?

  20. dont sweat it man I hear where your coming from exactly. only one or two of my friends have gone past ignorant acting and actually approached me about serious "bigger picture" issues if you understand what I mean. The fact of the matter is that most human beings are extremely stuck in where, when and how they are and don't think about being literally enslaved by the rules and establishments of society, and only a lucky percentage can see past it.

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