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  1. im a dumbassed newbie with all this marijauna crap, and im tired of getting ripped off because i dont know how much anything costs, so if you could post what you know about prices of marijuana, (specifically how much an eighth and a quad should cost), i'd really appreciate it. Thanks.
  2. prices are differant in differant locations I could give you my prices tho

    1 Gram=20$

    8th =50$

    quad =100$

    half ounce=150$


    thats just where i live in san diego california

    well hope I helped
  3. Our prices here in Wisconsin are

    $30 1/8
    $10 gram
    $125 half an ounce
    $250 ounce

    Than again half the ppl in my town grow.
  4. ok, u didnt say where u form and it really matters, but im in texas and heres my prices....

    1g is 10$ to 30$
    1/4 is 70$
    1/2 is 150$
    0z is 200$ to 300$...it all depends on who u know

    mexican bud...not too bad not too great depending.....
    0z is 50$ to 60$
    the only time i ever smoked hydro quality shit is when my friend gave me a few grams for free, so im usually smokin mexibud...its really not too bad depending on who you trust...older people sell better quality. i dont buy oregano and i dont buy brown weed. remeber im next to mexico thats why i get mids cheaper thann most...dont think of me as a liar...
  5. £40-Ounce resin
    £120- Ounce stunk

  6. but okay i live in southern georgia and i pay

    $5 -nick- don't usually buy these but i will ever once in a while
    $10-dime-2g rolls 2 big blunts, i buy these every once in a while
    $90 1oz -what I usually buy
    $300 1/4lb don't usually buy these

    $55 - 1/4oz
    $100 - 1/2oz
  7. It all depends on who you know see i can get a qt of "One Hitter Quitter" for 25$ which around here is usuall $100-120, but heres the prices for if you dont know anyone for just plaine of mid grade bud!

  8. theres no quick fix to figuring out how not to get burned... experience is the only key.

    quality varies as does a hundred dozen other things that effect the prices the main two are geography and time. so just stick withit. keep buying. pay attention when others are buying and hopefully one day you'll manage to avoid those odd french guys called Guendal Roche who will sell u a bag of regular mixed herbs and charge £20 for it. hehe.
  9. Hey Everyone.
    This is a ganja smoker from Trinidad.
    In case u didn't know Trinidad is an island in the West Indies.
    (The West Indies is in the Caribbean)

    These are common trinidad's prices for both local-grown and imported weed:

    (oh.. the exchange rate is TT$6 - US$1 )

    medium sized joint -$10
    ounce - $100
    lb -$1200- 1600
  10. omfg 1600 for a pound
  11. i think hes doin it by trinidad money, so really he only payys like 15 ish for an oz? not good at math so not sure. but it cant be that much cuz i know they get good bud down there easy.

  12. I live in the bay area and that's how much we pay too.
  13. NYC prices for mid grade bud :

    gram - 20
    quarter - 40\60
    1\2 - 80\100
    oz - 150\200
  14. right now i can get 8ths for 30 and an ounce for 200. But normaly prices here are.

    25-50/ 8th

    I won't pay anymore than 30 an 8th, and right now i can't really even afford that so i'm gonna jones until something comes around for 25, i know its only a 5 dolla diffrence but thats not the point it really pisses me off paying this much. But some people have it worse and some have it better, i'm just rollin with the punches.
  15. I live in upstate ny my prices are about that same as the bay area for real good chronic/kb/dro...from regular big bud to purple haze.

    Gram - $20
    Eighth - $50
    QZ - $90
    Half Z - $170 - 180
    OZ - $300 - 400
    QP - $900 - 1100
    lb - $2500 - 3000

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