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I need price help,

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by NewbToker, Sep 20, 2009.

  1. Alright so im a newby i started maybe 2 weeks ago just stealing some weed from my dad not enough to notice. And i wanna buy my own so my friend told me he would sell me a joint of purp for 15, is that a good price? And how many times do you think i could get high off of it?
  2. you want a fatty of just bud. not shake or bud/shake. people will rip you off it youre new and not sure about whats fair. if youve only been smokin a couple weeks then you could probably get stoned quite a few times, cause like 2 nice hits will get you ripped...
  3. I dont really mind getting ripped a little cause im going to Panama monday and wanna have some. And how good is purp? like what kind of effect does it carry?
  4. I will warn you now, DO NOT pay attention to names. Wiat until you can determine quality by look, smell, and smoke. Then its either good, bad, or somewhere in the middle. If you buy a joint you are DEFINETLY getting ripped off. You buy a bag and us eit with a pipe ro roll your own. It will be shitty weed in a joint, already ground up, and probably not very fat.
    Just buy like 20 sack{amount that =$20)
  5. Most people do not get high the first time. I reccomend smoking with some one experienced or you wont have any idea what to do. Or just search and read around here a bunch to prepare.
  6. I would not purchase it unless you are absolutely desperate simply because chances are it is not purp in the joint and it is some dirt weed. If i were you i would ask to see him roll the joint so you can see the bud and make sure you are not getting ripped off. Good luck and have fun in panama
  7. listen to this ^^. names are usually made up in order to charge more for the bud. buy it from him in a bag not broken up, and ask to see it scaled. if it is indeed dank bud (which you can determine by comparing it to the buds in the bud quality sticky in the apprentice tokers forum), buy like 20 dollars worth, aka a dub, which should be anywhere between 1-1.5 g's depending on how much he's charging.
  8. Joint should not cost you more than $5 even with dank inside.

    Purps or not, I'd say max should be like $7/8..

    Just tell em.. "Pft, a J for $15? more like 5" maybe he will realize you know whats up and give it to ya for 5 or sell ya a actual dimebag / dub for $15..

    People will rip anyone off if they can man.
  9. Well thanks guys, and ive been high befor to the point ive been trippin it was great.
  10. before you buy anything i suggest you do your research. I promise you it'll be worth it. Find out what good weed looks like, then get to know what schwagg looks like. Also get to know how much you should get. Lots of dealers i know will take advantage of a new smoker and rip them off. My friend got ripped off all the time when he first started and now he's known as the retard that everyone rips off, so yeah.
  11. Yeah ive been lookin up alot of things, Im pretty sure i can tell good weed from bad weed just from looks now. Schawg is like more brownish then green with no crystals or cones what ever you wanna call them.And a dollar is the same weight as a gram of weed. So i know theres already a post for this but in the south eastern part of the us, how much does weed usally run like from schawg to fire or what ever being the highest. Prices in grams please.
  12. I live in New Mexico and most people get a gram for $20. im not to sure about schwag cause i never get it but it should be like $15 for a gram. But lots of it depends on your dealer. I get 2 grams of dank shit for $20 instead of 1 so yeah.
  13. Dude, don't steal from your dad. Not cool.
    Good. Try not to buy anything pre-rolled, though. It's EXTREMELY easy to get ripped off that way. Ask to see it in the bag before you hand over any cash. Also, while it's not a huge concern right now, if you decide that you like smoking and you plan to keep buying weed, invest in a scale. It's definitely worth it.

    Nah man, don't LET anyone rip you off, even once. "The Gullible Dude With Money" isn't the best rep to have.

    And I understand about wanting to have it for a vacation, but if you're going on a plane or crossing international borders you'd better seriously consider whether or not it's worth the potential trouble that comes with transporting illegal items.

    Here's a hint: It's usually not.

    "Trippin'", eh? :rolleyes:
  14. just buy from your dad.
  15. My friend has a dad that buys like 3 ounces a week. he is a lucky fuck so are U :)
  16. HAHA do this.


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