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Discussion in 'General' started by ionbob00, May 28, 2010.

  1. I have a ps3, and i play it. But it causes me to stay indoors on nice days. I was thinking about selling it to start a photography hobby. Buy a nice camera and instead of playing ps3, i would go out and take pictures. What do you guys think?
  2. Whatever makes you happy man, why not do both?
  3. research photography! make a pinhole camera, such an awesome photography project, you dont need to sell your ps3...if anything buy a moderately priced film camera, you don't need a high-end DSLR to get into photography you just need a good eye
  4. Do both? Thats what I do. I have a cannon powershot g11 and a ps3. I go out on good days and play whenever I have time. The only reason you might sell it is if you are serious about photography and want a good camera
  5. follow your heart!!
  6. good idea, video games and reality tv have ruined our generation
  7. Yeah dude, do both. I used to play videogames all the time, then i stopped for a while and i started doing other things. Never got back on the grind like i used to, u know?

    Photography is awesome. Especially doing it high. Those extra-beautiful things you see when you're high can be caught in the lens, and held on to forever.

    But like it was said before, you don't need a good camera. Get a decent one online for like 100$.

    Play games on the days when there's literally nothing to do. Like I said, if you break the habit, it's hard to get into again.
  8. *sigh* :rolleyes:
  9. like it or not its extremly true, there are so many fuckin fat 10 year olds around
  10. I 100% agree that childhood obesity is a HUGE problem in the US and it is growing, although I wouldn't necessarily attribute it directly to television or video games, it's the classic issue of correlation vs causation there is SO much more to the the issue than just television programming and video games.
  11. You're right. And why do their parents let that happen? At that age they should have almost full control over what they play and how long. It's sad.
    I met a new girl recently, introduced myself to her 11 year old brother, who was about 150 lbs. and he said to me, and i quote "Hi i'm billy! My hobbies are playing Call of Duty and.... uhhh. Yeah"
    Made me so sad.
  12. parents are out working and just not paying attention, they give them an xbox and they shut up for 3 hours cause they cant talk with cheetos in there mouth
  13. I think that's a great idea, video games are great to pass time when there's nothing better to do, but I tend to start playing games instead of doing more worthwhile things...
  14. My parents let me play computer games as much as I wanted, pretty much all the time when I was younger..and now I have a very lucrative job in IT, with a strong background in software engineering. Your point is really just a generalization...so what if the kid likes to play video games?
  15. you were a kid many years ago, im talking as of recently, playing video games all day, watching crap television and chowing down on processed foods effect them physically at such a young age and also screws with there social skills, i hardly see kids in my neighborhood playing touch football or biking like i did back in the day
  16. You're right, I agree 100%, but what i'm trying to say, be it a generilization, is that if the parents see that it is getting out of hand, what does a kid know if their parents don't say anything or try to influence them to get outside and whatnot? I'm just saying sometimes they do need to step in. Yeah they might be busy at work and with the professional life, bills, random problems whatever, but I think almost every parent should be able to take some time to teach a bit more of right and wrong. Not that gaming all day is wrong, but it's all about control, and that is something that parents can teach a bit of.
  17. very true, but lets observe society from a distance, lazy, quick, greedy, convenient, selfish, this is also a generalization but parents just wanna make there kids happy or have to make them happy cause they will break shit if you dont, it all comes full circle
  18. Time to call supernanny! ;)
    But isn't that just a quick-fix in itself? Haha Kidding. But youre right. But it's society. Live it or leave it. I guess.
  19. fight it
  20. I'm actually still living at home, im 19, and i used to be that fat kid that sat around and played video games. but i changed my ways and got rid of my 360 and now im way more in shape. I believe that the obesity problem is partially because of our generation, partially because of parents, and partially because of technology. Think about it, ps3 and 360 are absolutely nuts when you compare it to video game systems of the past. Even just the xbox, compared to the original nintendo, it's like something from outer space. I think the more our technology moves forward, the more of an audience it'll grab.

    Parents also should crack down. I understand people are busy, but almost everything technological now-a-days have children in mind, you can set timers to stop people from sitting and doing nothing all day. Hell i had a 1 hour time limit on my aol back in the day. Parents should show kids more to do, not just give them a game boy and let them do whatever they want.

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