I need opinions on my new tattoo!!!

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    Hello everyone, i got inked few days ago and i'm starting to regret it. I have 2 others tattoos and even though they have small flaws, i still love them. But that one is just so strange to me. I had few untattooed spots between my 2 tattoos and i wanted my artist to add something to complete my half sleeve. I asked him to tattoo a sun behind my eagle. When he put the stencil the design seemed cool even tho it didnt really look like sunlights. I told him to put light tones of yellow. When the tattoo was done, I realized he put brown and yellow, but I didnt made a big deal out of it because i thought it still looked nice. Then , the more i looked at it... the more i was wondering what it was supposed to be. At some point i thought it looked like yellow crystals, but then I was like... that sh*t looks like fries. I thought it was funny at first but know i can't unsee it and i think it looks horrible. Im already thinking about a cover up or even some laser removal.
    Sorry for the long a** story. But I need some honest opinions : what is your first thought when you see those yellow things? Does it look ridiculous and should I do a cover up? Thank you....
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  2. Want honesty? You got frenchfried..
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  3. Colour tattoos look shit no matter what they're of. Fuck wasting money on laser, just get a black and white Ronald McDonald next to it.
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  4. Shit bro it looks like your tattooist went French fri mad on yo ass that doesnt look like sunlight, bruh that looks like something straight out the game Minecraft :laughing::laughing:

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