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  1. Hello all! In 2 to 3 weeks I'll be switching over to flower. I still have a few questions / problems to go over. Mainly in the color and the shape/ position of my leaves..

    What I'm using...
    10 gallon pots
    Pro mix
    Holy grail clones
    Sensei grow a and b
    Cal mag
    1000 watt metal halide
    6.5x6.5x6.5 foot grow tent (upgraded from a very tiny tent used most of their lives with the same light)

    1459376088263.jpg 1459376099558.jpg 1459376108155.jpg 1459376119139.jpg

    I was hoping it would only be nute burn and not a deficiency?

    Also the leaves are pointing toward the light but I figure that's from one night of no light ( fist night ever) happened while cleaning basement and switching tents

    Will answer any questions and I am extremely greatful for any information.

    I don't know exactly how to tell what deficiency It could be!

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  2. What's your temperature like or at least what was it in the old tent and how's your water and soil pH? Overall these look pretty healthy to me.

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  3. there are a few good charts on google images showing leaves with various deficiencies it may be a good place to start.your plants look healthy I wouldn't think its anything major no need to panic.im sorta leaning towards slight nute burn or something similar.good luck and your plants look pretty good so you have been doin something right.kiwi mike
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  4. Awesome to hear! My last tent was tiny and it was getting hot I don't know how hot but hotter as the plants got bigger it had 142 watts per square foot. Someone described that as "scorching". I don't know the soil ph but my water should be at 6.0 since I am using the sensei grow which is supposedly "ph perfect"

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  5. yea theres ph stuff and all sorts of science to confuse you,while ph,water run off,heat etc all play such a huge role in your babies being healthy in this case I don't think that's a problem.your plants are healthy look great and look they'll produce colas everywhere.i see you are using potting soil or soilless mixture.try flushing or heavily watering with phd water every otha feeding and that may help.good luck kiwi mike
  6. Get yoself a therm and hume measuring thingamajig!

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  7. There is nothing major wrong with your plants and you DO NOT need to do a flush on them. When you flush, you will be solely responsible for their nutrition throughout the rest of their life as you flush out all nutrients in the soil when doing that. I would read up about the nutrition of the plant. They need different levels of nutrients in the veg cycle and grow cycle and generally, nutrient deficiencies are pretty common when they get older and go into flower cycle. But overall, they look fine to me. The leaf that is off color at the bottom of the plant is just old growth die off and is very common. It will finish dying and dry up and fall off in time. TWW
  8. Thank you all very much for your answers I do feel much better about their health! This is my first time growing. I have just made a new topic concerning one more thing... well two actually. Calyx and pre flowering (pistils) before switching them to 12 12

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  9. Those plants are beautiful

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