I need my dad to be okay with it. How?

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  1. First off. Yes I'm of age. Second. I need my dad to be okay with me smoking. He doesn't want me to follow his path. (alcoholic who fucked up my life. My
    Moms. Sisters. And his) but here's the thing. Herb. Basically has saved
    My life. I suffer from an extreme amount of depression. Both my doctor and therapist said it's the worst theyve ever seen.

    He meds did not help. They made me want to end my life even more. Then I found weed. It helped so much. What my dad doesn't understand is ever bad feeling he has. I have 10x worse. The worthlessness. I feel like I DO NOT deserve to be happy. And herb helps. I know I won't follow his path.

    When he gets out of the hospital ill tell him this all of it. And how without it. I'd go back to beating or injuring myself. Because for some reason. Thats the only thing to ever help besides herb.

    If he's still against it. How do I get him to be okay with it. I need him to be ok with me smoking. Everytime I do I feel so guilty. But without it. I'd have been dead by now.. What do I do?/:
  2. First of all, if you have to state you're of age, you're not. No reasonable adult would state that :p

    Second of all, sit in the same room, and casually get out your pipe, pack it, hit it, and pass it to him. Worked for me.
  3. I've actually asked him to watch that. It's not the illegality of it he's worried about. Well. Not the main thing. He doesn't want me to be him. Which kills me cause he's my hero
  4. Just explain to him how it helps you. Don't talk about it like you just get high to get high like a lot of stereotypical stoners.

    I used weed to get off cocaine and molly. My parents still hated it and I told them that without it I'd probably be a dead hooker in a ditch somewhere by now. They didn't like that comparison though. Besides, weed has been a way better medication than anything any 'i care about you' two hundred dollars an hour therapists have ever given me. They're just doctors with clipboards who act like they know what's going on in your head when in reality they don't know anything about you.

    If he really doesn't want to let you smoke then just do it behind his back. It sucks that you have to lie but how else are you going to? I'm sure you don't want to quit for obvious reasons.
  5. GenerLly when people talk about parents everyone thinks they are under 18 so I just wanted that out. And I wouldn't just bowl up next to him. I really don't know how he'd react
  6. Smoke politely. Let him know you smoke but don't do it around him or when he's home. If he is home, use something that covers the odor out of respect.
  7. Simply don't tell him, just if he notices, then bring it up.

    If he's chill with it then he probably wont say anything directly but he will let you know he knows without really saying anything. Unless of course he just blatently says "I know you smoke weed and don't care that you do but be careful." or some shit along those lines.

    If you tell him directly, let him know facts don't go in there blindfolded.
  8. Both of my parents know I smoke. The best thing you can do is show them you're still fully functional and responsible. Making this thread and brainstorming was a GREAT first step to show how responsible you are. Let him know that -- tell him how it helps you and how much you've thought about the topic. Speak from your heart. Try not to make it sound pre-orchestrated. I hope I was some help to ya!

    Take it easy and be safe, everyone deserves to be, and should be, happy -- especially you. You're obviously an intelligent human being with a lot to offer your family and loved ones.

    L's up!
  9. Tell him how much it benefits you, though if he doesn't believe you, hes not going to, and you just have to accept that.

    Try smoking under his nose or get your own place so he doesn't find out.
  10. Just tell him it helps you, and your not an idiot. Your not gonna get into stupid shit. If he brings up the gateway theory, come back with "Then milks a gateway drink. Theres no way in hell your takin a sip outta that metal can that cracks when you open it, if you havent had a sip of milk yet. Ya dIg?"

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